I want to preface this by saying I was ridiculously excited when Blizzy announced a melee character.  Even more excitement came with all the teases and hints about Doomfist, a throwaway name that became an integral part in the Overwatch lore-factory of the internet.

Well, lo and behold (now a few weeks in), Doomfist has popped into the fray.  And I have to say, I am not a big fan.  Why am I shooting people?  Why am I playing Street Fighter against people with guns?  Why can’t I control that which is uncontrollable? Joking aside, unless you’re playing Total Mayhem, Doomfist charges like a whimpering dog caught in the rain.  He’s all bark at anything but very close to semi-mid range.  And even then, he can’t say alive if he’s the center target. I’ve been playing McCree almost exclusively lately, and a few shots puts him down. Even closing the gap, a flashbang stops him dead, long enough to fan the hammer and take down his remaining health.

That being said, playing against him in Total Mayhem is a goddamn nightmare.  Unlimited chaining, double health, and basically unlimited extra shielding with each hit, this is the only time he is equal parts playable and insufferable.

I can’t imagine myself bothering to get relatively good as Doomfist. Between complete lack of versatility, unwieldy play style, and immense target placed on him, he’s just not my style of play at all.  More power to those who are having fun as him, but I’ll say a few steps back, and be shooting you before you can touch me.

It’s high noon somewhere in the world