It’s a Pidgey… It’s a Mega Latios… No, it’s Zoroark!

A new Pokemon digital event was announced today and Zoroark will be available from November 4th – November 20th 2015.

For Omega Ruby / Alpha Sapphire players only. (Sorry X & Y Homies)

This Zoroark is slightly different than ones that can be bred or found in the wild, in that it comes with the move Sludge Bomb, a move that this Pokemon cannot normally learn.

Like most mystery gifts, you will receive Zoroark at  level 50. It comes with the Illusion ability, meaning he will cloak himself as one of your other party members… tricky!

In addition to Sludge Bomb, Zoroark also knows Dark Pulse, Flamethrower, and Sucker Punch.

Check out more here (click the picture)


With love and Ultra Balls – Rich