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NEH's video game and geek culture podcast, discussing the latest and greatest in gaming, movie, and nerd-related news/reviews

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NEH's superhero podcast! The Mighty NEHvengers assemble when it's time to bring you reviews of the latest superhero shows and movies.

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Have you ever been hesitant to jump on a trend? Whether it a be a movie, game or show that everyone would not stop talking about? Well, this show is all about when we finally give in and give that those things a chance. Featuring real First-Time impressions of (mostly) older material.

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The As You Were Saying Podcast is a show that gives NEH a chance to step back and dissuss a single topic. Whether it's a deep dive on a particular games or a general question to the group, the show takes time to break down something that was maybe only briefly mentioned in a NEH news podcast.

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The Con-Tent is NOW OPEN! Get that Convention Craving Fix right here as we talk with real Cosplayers about what the craft means to them and how it's changed their lives. Featuring a new guest each Episode.

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alderaand table book of boba review 1-3
Alderaand Table
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Alderaand Table Ep. 36: Book of Boba Fett Review Ep 1-3

Josh Yutkins-Kennedy January 18, 2022

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    Alderaand Table Ep. 36: Book of Boba Fett Review Ep 1-3
    Josh Yutkins-Kennedy

Our host Josh and panelists Craig from the NDS podcast and Tony give their review of The Book of Boba Fett Ep. 1-3.

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