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You Can’t Hide When Worlds Collide

Max Linskey November 6, 2019 27

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It’s time again for me to talk about Keyforge! And with our new section, Æmber Bonus (as well as a Facebook Group of the same name), I am ready to give you more info than you ever wanted! And it comes this time in the form of Fantasy Flight Games releasing the third set of Keyforge, Worlds Collide.

Worlds Collide is unique in releases, as it sees house addition and replacement. It looks like each set will only ever feature one of seven houses, with Worlds Collide kicking out Sanctum and Mars (for now, they’re not gone forever) for newcomers Saurian Republic and Grand Star Alliance. These new houses are a wonderful addition, both because new is always exciting (and the art is beautiful), and because with new houses means new effects and synergies!

Saurian Republic
Grand Star Alliance

Think of the Saurian Republic as Roman Dinosaurs and Grand Star Alliance as Star Trek, because that’s what I do.

So the new effects come in the form of Enrage, Ward, and exalting, which are not exclusive to the new houses and can be done through multiple sources. (Check out our Facebook group for some pictures)

  • Enrage – This effect causes whatever poor creature is inflicted to become raging mad (and the proud owner of an enrage counter) and only able to attack the next time it would be used. The effect only lasts for this one attack, after which the counter is removed and the creature resumes it’s normal life. Inflict Enrage on your opponent’s creatures that they would want to keep around! Especially handy if your creatures have some dirty effects of their own (example)
  • Ward – Being granted a ward is a wonderful thing, as it protects the creature within from death! If a warded creature would be sent packing, just remove the ward counter and all is well (unless you’re attacked again). Protect your important creatures with wards!
  • Exalt – Some creatures are packing exalt effects, which are powerful, but come at a cost. Exalting a creature captures an æmber from the common supply (which is sent to the opponent when the creature is destroyed). Is the exalt effect worth the risk?

Worlds Collide also has the introduction of anomalies! These are cards whisked through time and space to aid your deck! They pay no one house allegiance, instead occurring in any of the houses present in the set! They are highlighted by a lightning border on the card, as well as a small lightning bolt on the deck list. These cards are fairly rare (and I was able to pull one in a deck); can you make use of the anomaly?

The Anomaly I pulled from one of my Worlds Collide decks!

Worlds Collide adds 284 cards to the Keyforge pool, and they’re all amazing. I’m not going to list them all here, because I’m not a sadist. I recommend using Æmber Forge, as they are on top of the list and are really just a great resource overall. (There are other tools as well, but I like this one, use whichever you want.)

Another thing I wanted to briefly mention is card quality. The cards seem to be a little more rough on the faces than the previous expansion, not entirely a bad thing, just something I noticed.

Above all else, I’m excited that this set (a starter set of which was graciously gifted to me by FFG) marks my entrance into the Keyforge world as a content creator. Between video, commentary, and other fun things, there is lots on the horizon for the end of the year, 2020, and beyond!

See you in the Crucible!


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