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Beautiful Indie Game Starbound Enters Beta

Brendan Lees December 4, 2013

This massive sandbox game by indie company Chucklefish, that highly resembles Terraria at first glance, has entered it’s long awaited Beta phase. This beautiful little game has been creeping out of the dark for some time now and already amassed a huge following. (Note: take the word “little” very lightly)


Limited Edition Holiday White OUYA

Brendan Lees November 19, 2013

Anyone remember the OUYA? It’s still fairly new but I can’t help but feel it’s been forgotten. Or maybe it’s just me? As mine’s been collecting dust next to my entertainment system since I got it.


Akira : 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Released!

Brendan Lees November 12, 2013

Akira might not be the best Anime movie out there but it sure as hell is a classic. Originally released in July of 1988 and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, the movie features Akira, a psychic child who escapes from military custody, and takes place in 2019, in the futuristic cyberpunk […]

News and Reviews

MapleStory 2 Announced!

Brendan Lees November 8, 2013

Whether you’ve played Nexon’s MapleStory or not, you must have heard of it at least, right? Well either way, the second game in the series is in development after the first’s great 10 year run. I played a little MapleStory when I was younger. It’s a cutesy side-scrolling action/rpg type […]