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News and Reviews

Pokémon Day 2022! Scarlet and Violet

Max Linskey March 1, 2022

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    Pokémon Day 2022! Scarlet and Violet
    Max Linskey

NEH is happy to welcome back Lukas Eggen of LAN Party to talk about the Pokemon Day 2022 news, paying special attention to the surprise announcement of the Generation 9 Pokemon games, Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet!

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News and Reviews

Squad Up in Knight Squad!

Max Linskey June 2, 2020

Clad head to toe in armor, a warrior steps into a small arena, walled on all sides and filled with obstacles. Other knights, clad in similar armor, also gather near him, sharpening their weapons and shining their helmets. A warning horn blows and at once the knights are ready, then […]

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Game Reviews

Rising Lords Early Access Look

Max Linskey May 30, 2020

“To the fields peasant!” the lord bellows his orders and his people obey. One woman trudges off to the east, getting her boots muddy in the swamp before arriving at her new post in the wheat fields a few days later. The lord commands another to the quarry, a three […]

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New Digimon Card Game?!?

Max Linskey January 21, 2020

If you’re scratching your head in wondrous excitement at the prospects of the delightful title you just read, welcome. I am as excited as you are to say that something by the way of a Digimon card game is coming to the world. From a teaser site (in Japanese) from […]

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Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

Max Linskey November 4, 2019

If I had to pick a game type I’ve spent most of my life playing, it would be RPGs. Specifically though, I would say the Tactical RPG subset is the one I have played most. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was such an amazing game that even today many Tactical RPGs […]