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Important NEH Giveaway Update!

Rich Clancey April 20, 2018

Hi Fans, Friends and Visitors! If you remember from before PAX East this year, we announced we’d be doing a fan giveaway to anyone who meets up with us at PAX! Well, we have some good news. We are extending the giveaway entry deadline to April 30th to give anyone […]

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In Memeorium: WEEGEE

Rich Clancey February 9, 2018

Sup Internet. I got a riddle for you. What’s Tall, Green and has a 1000 yard piercing stare? Nope, it’s not Exeggutor. It’s WEEGEE! Lest we not forget Nintendo’s runner up brother, Luigi. Luigi’s been pretty influential in the memescape over the years, mainly due to his constant failure to […]

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In Memeorium: GI Joe PSA’s

Rich Clancey February 2, 2018

GI Joe Public Service Announcements Hey Internet! Remember MEMES? You know, that idea of taking content, twisting it and republishing it to the world for a laugh? Well, I was around on the web before we even called this idea a meme, at least officially. Now that we’re in the […]