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Project Morpheus

Geoff April 1, 2014

If virtual reality interests you, then this is something you’ll want to check out! Sony has been working on VR material they call “Project Morpheus.” I’ve learned about the specific choices that Sony has made, and plan to make for this advanced gaming project. Details were given at the Game […]

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Check This Out! Hyper Light Drifter

Michael Kenney March 18, 2014

A new trailer for the Kickstarter the funded Hyper Light Drifter¬†was released over this past weekend, and showcases the incredible visuals and music. The game’s developer, Heart Machine, mix of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Diablo. It sports a mixture of 8-bit and 16-bit visuals, […]


Check This Out! To The Death

Max Linskey February 3, 2014

Check This Out! here with a new Kickstarter campaign for a game called To The Death, a “gravity defying, genre combining, beat’em-up, shoot’em-up, action game, brought to you by an alliance of game industry veterans!” (to quote the kickstarter page) Created by Call of Duty and Titanfall developers, this is […]


Check This Out! Heat Signature

Max Linskey February 3, 2014

Check This Out! is a new category for random nerdy things I find interesting and want to share. This first post is for Heat Signature, a game of space travel, battle, and espionage based on randomly generated enemy spaceships. This video was posted by the creator who also developed Gunpoint, […]