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Pokemon Nintendo Direct

Josh Yutkins-Kennedy February 26, 2016

Watch live video from Nintendo on Is anyone jumping out of their Pokeballs for this special Pokemon Nintendo Direct? With all of the rumors that sprouted out of internet rumor tubes, we are even more excited. Will the sun be shining on a reveal of the new gen 7 […]

Nintendo DS

A New Direction for NETV

Azazel February 25, 2015

Hey readers, After weeks of tense negations and water-balloon fights to determine who is alpha in our video-game-news-casting pack, Josh has officially reasserted his dominance. Josh will remain in charge (which is too bad because I was really rooting for Harry the Water-Balloon Throwing Seal, I really think having him […]


Pokemon Origins

Geoff January 20, 2014

Pokemon Origins aired a few months ago, and it is very interesting to say the very least. This new, and yet oddly nostalgic anime bring out the best of both the games and the original manga. The show really is different from how I expected it to be, growing up […]


Akira : 25th Anniversary Blu-ray Released!

Brendan Lees November 12, 2013

Akira might not be the best Anime movie out there but it sure as hell is a classic. Originally released in July of 1988 and directed by Katsuhiro Otomo, the movie features Akira, a psychic child who escapes from military custody, and takes place in 2019, in the futuristic cyberpunk […]