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Shovel Night Sad News

Max Linskey December 4, 2013

Sorry Shovel Knight fans, but looks like the wait is going to be a little longer than expected for the games release. This will come as a disappointment to anyone who donated to the Kickstarter for the game and have been patiently waiting since.


Limited Edition Holiday White OUYA

Brendan Lees November 19, 2013

Anyone remember the OUYA? It’s still fairly new but I can’t help but feel it’s been forgotten. Or maybe it’s just me? As mine’s been collecting dust next to my entertainment system since I got it.


Throwback Thursday: Advance Wars

Max Linskey November 14, 2013

Advance Wars is a Gameboy Advance tactical warfare game developed by Intelligent Systems, and is one of the best tactics games to date. In the tactic games hayday of the Gameboy Advance, with other titles like Final Fantasy Tactics and Fire Emblem, Advance Wars took the combat out of the […]


First post!

Max Linskey August 13, 2013

Hello readers! This is my first NETv post, and I wanted to skip all the “OMG first post!” crap and skip right to why you’re here; gaming news.