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Vidya Games are bad, mmkay?

Max Linskey May 14, 2015

It would seem a study has come forth saying that video games cause the youth of the world to become violent little bastards. And because top scientists did expert research spanning decades of in-depth critical analysis of what prolonged shooting, slashing, stabbing and fire-setting does on the adolescent psyche and […]

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A New Direction for NETV

Azazel February 25, 2015

Hey readers, After weeks of tense negations and water-balloon fights to determine who is alpha in our video-game-news-casting pack, Josh has officially reasserted his dominance. Josh will remain in charge (which is too bad because I was really rooting for Harry the Water-Balloon Throwing Seal, I really think having him […]

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A Farewell to the King of Cubes

Max Linskey September 15, 2014

As everyone has probably heard, Mojang has been purchased by Microsoft for $2.5 billion, and that company founder Markus Person AKA Notch has bid farewell to the company. While a many gamer has voiced their opinion about the negative impact this could or does have, I turn your attention to […]


Watch E3 live

Josh Yutkins-Kennedy June 9, 2014

Watch live video from Twitch on Hey all you gamers watch E3 live right here.