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Squad Up in Knight Squad!

Max Linskey June 2, 2020

Clad head to toe in armor, a warrior steps into a small arena, walled on all sides and filled with obstacles. Other knights, clad in similar armor, also gather near him, sharpening their weapons and shining their helmets. A warning horn blows and at once the knights are ready, then […]

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The Great Perhaps

Max Linskey August 22, 2019

Caligari Games showed off a side-scrolling puzzle game at PAX East 2019, a small dev team from Russia eager to impress players. The game has since released and it is as atmospherically satisfying as I remember. I have a soft spot for indie games, but one that uses hand-drawn graphics? […]

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Suiting Up in Anthem – Demo Review

Max Linskey January 30, 2019

Any pre-order holders or specially selected individuals got a chance this past weekend to take a crack at the demo EA has for Anthem, their entry into the world of games akin to Division, Destiny, and Warframe, among others. (I specify because I’m aware that Bioware has made shooters, though […]


The Story Behind “El Capitan”

Azazel June 8, 2015

Today Apple announced their new update to OS X entitled “EL Capitan.” And it has left many people crying out “Where did such a wonderful name come from?” and “WHO IS EL CAPITAN!?” Well, friends. I’m here to tell the story.