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Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

Max Linskey November 4, 2019

If I had to pick a game type I’ve spent most of my life playing, it would be RPGs. Specifically though, I would say the Tactical RPG subset is the one I have played most. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was such an amazing game that even today many Tactical RPGs […]

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AER: Memories of Old

Max Linskey September 29, 2019

Minimalism is a hard concept to translate into a video game. While meaningful and able to express a feeling of loneliness, it has the unfortunate effect to come across as lazy or empty to some players. (They are missing the big picture, but we’ll get to that.) Shadow of the […]

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Destiny 2 Log

Max Linskey September 7, 2017

So, on top of playing Overwatch weekly for this blog, I will also be updating on Destiny 2! Destiny 2 released just yesterday, Wed. September 6, and I was able to play it for a while.  So read on for my opinions!