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As you were Saying
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As You Were Saying: Best Video Game Weapons of All Time

Josh Yutkins-Kennedy November 13, 2020

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    As You Were Saying: Best Video Game Weapons of All Time
    Josh Yutkins-Kennedy

In this second episode of As you were Saying, Max, Ryan, and Josh go through their favorite weapons in gaming history. What franchises, games, weapon tiers, ammo types did we pick? Well, you better listen to find out.

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Game Reviews

Rising Lords Early Access Look

Max Linskey May 30, 2020

“To the fields peasant!” the lord bellows his orders and his people obey. One woman trudges off to the east, getting her boots muddy in the swamp before arriving at her new post in the wheat fields a few days later. The lord commands another to the quarry, a three […]

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Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark

Max Linskey November 4, 2019

If I had to pick a game type I’ve spent most of my life playing, it would be RPGs. Specifically though, I would say the Tactical RPG subset is the one I have played most. Final Fantasy Tactics Advance was such an amazing game that even today many Tactical RPGs […]

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Game Reviews

AER: Memories of Old

Max Linskey September 29, 2019

Minimalism is a hard concept to translate into a video game. While meaningful and able to express a feeling of loneliness, it has the unfortunate effect to come across as lazy or empty to some players. (They are missing the big picture, but we’ll get to that.) Shadow of the […]

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Game Reviews

The Great Perhaps

Max Linskey August 22, 2019

Caligari Games showed off a side-scrolling puzzle game at PAX East 2019, a small dev team from Russia eager to impress players. The game has since released and it is as atmospherically satisfying as I remember. I have a soft spot for indie games, but one that uses hand-drawn graphics? […]

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Review

Geoff February 10, 2019

The date was September 17th, 2002. Squaresoft and Disney released their collaboration game that kicked off a franchise; Kingdom Hearts. 2 and a half years later in March 2006, their true sequel Kingdom Hearts 2 was released, and now almost 13 years later we finally have what we have been […]