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Rising Lords Early Access Look

Max Linskey May 30, 2020

“To the fields peasant!” the lord bellows his orders and his people obey. One woman trudges off to the east, getting her boots muddy in the swamp before arriving at her new post in the wheat fields a few days later. The lord commands another to the quarry, a three […]

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The Great Perhaps

Max Linskey August 22, 2019

Caligari Games showed off a side-scrolling puzzle game at PAX East 2019, a small dev team from Russia eager to impress players. The game has since released and it is as atmospherically satisfying as I remember. I have a soft spot for indie games, but one that uses hand-drawn graphics? […]

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Xbox One

Doomfist Disappointment

Max Linskey August 30, 2017

I want to preface this by saying I was ridiculously excited when Blizzy announced a melee character.  Even more excitement came with all the teases and hints about Doomfist, a throwaway name that became an integral part in the Overwatch lore-factory of the internet. Well, lo and behold (now a […]


A New Direction for NETV

Azazel February 25, 2015

Hey readers, After weeks of tense negations and water-balloon fights to determine who is alpha in our video-game-news-casting pack, Josh has officially reasserted his dominance. Josh will remain in charge (which is too bad because I was really rooting for Harry the Water-Balloon Throwing Seal, I really think having him […]


Azazel February 13, 2015

So normally I’m all about the tea and crumpets. But in this game that’s all you ever get to eat. It’s just tea and crumpets. Every day. For your whole life. Now if my food analogy has got your mouth watering and your “I don’t understand what this review is about.” […]

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The Outlast Educational Companion

Azazel July 3, 2014

Contains a few spoilers for Outlast. The developer Red Barrels recently released an encyclopedia of all the clichés in the horror genre. But they made the interesting choice (instead of just printing it as a book) of actually making it a game. The game shows its players all the possible […]


Indie Time With: Olympia Rising

Max Linskey April 28, 2014

Greek Mythology is a realm few games have entered (save for God of War and Age of Mythology), but with a Kickstarter gem that’s been funded called Olympia Rising, you have a chance to battle through a platformer that is aesthetically pleasing and challenging. Paleozoic is the developer heading this […]