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Doomfist Disappointment

Max Linskey August 30, 2017

I want to preface this by saying I was ridiculously excited when Blizzy announced a melee character.  Even more excitement came with all the teases and hints about Doomfist, a throwaway name that became an integral part in the Overwatch lore-factory of the internet. Well, lo and behold (now a […]

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A New Direction for NETV

Azazel February 25, 2015

Hey readers, After weeks of tense negations and water-balloon fights to determine who is alpha in our video-game-news-casting pack, Josh has officially reasserted his dominance. Josh will remain in charge (which is too bad because I was really rooting for Harry the Water-Balloon Throwing Seal, I really think having him […]

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The Outlast Educational Companion

Azazel July 3, 2014

Contains a few spoilers for Outlast. The developer Red Barrels recently released an encyclopedia of all the clichés in the horror genre. But they made the interesting choice (instead of just printing it as a book) of actually making it a game. The game shows its players all the possible […]

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Destiny, I’ll See You In September

Geoff April 10, 2014

 Destiny is a new game from the creators of Halo and Call of Duty. It’s baseline is a surviving group of human soldiers with a choice: do they stay inside the walls of their city, or do they leave the sanctity of their home only to fight horrible creatures surrounding […]

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Mass Effect

Geoff March 31, 2014

Mass Effect has been an impressive series to date. Its story and personalization within the story is like no other. Anyone who has played Mass Effect 1, 2, or 3 knows the creators know how to make a visually pleasing game with an in-depth story. Each character in the game […]


Not So Killer Instinct

Max Linskey December 5, 2013

by: Max Linskey  For a game that had such hype, such a loyal (albeit small) fanbase, and that seemed to be a worthwhile fighter, Killer  Instinct for the Xbox One ended up more like an unbroken 50 – hit Hyper Combo to any sense of gaming. With a weak lineup […]