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Shut Up and Watch DuckTales

Max Linskey July 28, 2019 24

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Rarely do I try to force feed something, but I believe that you should stop what you’re doing and carve out some time to watch DuckTales. And no, not the one from the 80’s, I’m talking the reboot from 2017 going on right now that will be hitting season 3 in September. And before you complain about Disney ruining you childhood or whatever, let me just say, you are missing out. And it’s filled with nostalgia, so simmer down.

DuckTales follows the marvelous adventures of Huey, Dewey, and Louie as they embark on quests across the globe with their treasure hunting miserly uncle, Scrooge McDuck (voiced by David friggin Tennant). If you remember the 80’s and Disney, this will ring a bell. Fortunately, this series is about depth and character development, so each of the triplets actually has a personality (and Webby too), and the series that was good before becomes great with this being pulled off so well (and the voice acting from an awesome cast helps).

A nice glimpse at each of the characters

Yes, this isn’t entirely new in the realm of Disney, but they definitely put thought into the series as a cartoon fitting in with other cartoons of this generation (Adventure Time comes to mind as one with both humor and depth. I won’t be revealing anything (unless asked later), but there are over-arching storylines and plots that carry through the two existing seasons of the show; a main motivating force revealing the identity of a certain character’s whereabouts.

If you wanted references and throwbacks, baby, you got it. The Three Caballeros show up for an episode. Darkwing Duck and Gizmoduck are both recurring characters (including Darkwing’s origin story). Oh, and Darkwing is voiced by Jim Cummings (because who could replace the legend?) An episode in space uses the music from the moon level of the DuckTales NES game, and at one point a character sings to it as well (and it’s incredible).

I bring this up because an image for Season 3 with a bunch of characters on it has been revealed, and I rather hype it up and get people onboard now before potentially coming back and looking at this (which will remain at the bottom for those who don’t want spoilers). For those that don’t care (since it’s not giving away plot points or anything major like that) or those too eager to look away, I would like to direct your attention to the following image (Thank you Comic Con):



Season 3!

People familiar with the show will know who most of these characters are, but those who are also super big Disney fans (and viewers of the original series as well as other franchises) will notice a few new additions.

Talespin characters, Chip and Dale as the Rescue Rangers, Daisy Duck, friggin GOOFY. They’re all here, and this is really shaping up to be the culmination of everything from the original series mixed into this reimagined Duckburg

I’m hyped, you should be hyped, and we’re all ready to see what’s next for the Duck boys.


DuckTales airs on Disney and Disney XD channels, check listings as I’m not a TV guide (dating myself yet?).

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