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NerdFacts: Anime Fillers

Geoff May 4, 2016 3

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Oh no fillers

We all know the terror of fillers, the deplorable point in a series when the Anime starts to catch up to the Manga and the writers of the show have to attempt to create brand new content to keep everyone interested in the show while giving the manga time to get ahead (Note the word “Attempt”). Now after 8 months, Naruto Shippudden leaves it’s pointless filler arc and heads back into canon. Lets take a quick look at others Anime’s fillers and how they compare!

Anime fillers are like that one person you just don’t want to see at a reunion…you know you’ll have to suffer through them for hours on end, which seem much longer then it actually is.

Most Anime’s have them, especially if they are bigger ones. Some of the most notable ones include Naruto, One-Piece, Bleach, and Fairy Tail. Naruto gets the most beef for having fillers, but is it really the most? Take a look at how those stack up;


From the first glance, its obvious that Naruto has the most filler episodes. It has almost 3 times as many fillers as Once-Piece, even though it has less overall episodes. But take another look at Bleach. Almost half of its overall episodes are filler. 46% of Bleach episodes are filler as opposed to 43% Naruto’s


At least its 167 episodes of this
At least its 167 episodes of this



In regards to Naruto, most would say that the excessive amount of fillers come from the infamous multi-filler arcs at the end of Part 1, but take a look at its break down;


Not only does Part 2 have twice as many fillers (so far) than Part 1, but even percentage wise, Part 2 is 44% filler while Part 1 is 42%. Shippuden has had more fillers thus far than those abysmal end of Part 1 fillers.

Yeah...those fillers
Yeah…those fillers

And always remember…Shippuden isn’t done, not yet.

We have plenty of fillers to go.

Stay tuned for more random Nerd Facts!

by Geoff

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