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Soul Calibur 6 “Special Appearance”

Geoff April 4, 2014 4

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One thing gamers love, is special appearances of his/her favorite character in another game. It’s part of the reason why Super Smash Brothers has been such a hit. People love cross-over characters. Soul Edge has kept it quite interesting with the choices of guest stars in each game. For the player’s guest character it has always depended upon which console the game has been purchased for. If you bought SC4 for the Playstation3, then your guest character would be Darth Vader. However, if you bought it for the Xbox 360, your guest character would be Yoda.


A big question for the Soul Calibur followers is, “Which character will be the guest in the next game?” There are no truths yet. The information has yet to be revealed. However, people are putting up some thoughts as to who they would like to see in SC6.  I personally would like to see Scorpion and Sub-Zero make their way into the next game.

mortal-kombat-fire-and-ice-scorpion-sub-zero-game-canceled copy

If you want to see what other people are suggesting, click Here(1), and/or Here(2) for a couple ideas of what might come.

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