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Overwatch Monday (8/28)

Max Linskey September 7, 2017 6

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Another update on my Overwatch experiences!

The Overwatch 2017 Olympics have come to an end!  A few nice skins (Soldier 76, Mercy, Widow) and some dumb ones (McCree, Sombra, Junkrat) have come and gone, and for a time, last year’s were available as well.  Not that the drop rates got any better, but that’s not what I came here to discuss.


Lucioball was fun, but I think I’ll stick to Rocket League if I want to experience that again. It was just all over the place, and either your team knew what they were doing, or you’d get destroyed.  I actually enjoyed being the goalie, as it seemed like a great way to react to others instead of charging in.


With that out of the way, something unexpected hit the gameplay world, as Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch arrived in style.  Not that I was particularly asking for this game type, because in all honesty, it’s broken as hell.  The game wasn’t made to be played like this, and while fun for a mess around, or to switch it up from defending payloads, it will ultimately end in frustration.  Why be anything but a tank? Roadhog is a monster in this game mode, and ought to be since he can self-heal and rip apart smaller heroes.  I tried playing as my mains, but I realize I do not like repeated close quarters fights, so I switched to 76. I surprisingly got a play of the game as him before ultimately leaving, so it felt good to be done with that on a high note.  Otherwise, it was a bit ironic in a way that the map for the game mode is Widowmaker based, but there is no way of sniping at all on this level (to any great success anyway).


So Monday night I played with my normal crew again. And of course, I played as McCree again.

Photo cred to @A4_NARA

I unlocked the Mystery Man skin since last update, so I equipped it and jumped into the fray.  And what a great group of games we had, except for Total Mayhem, that game mode is hit or miss.  We started with that, and it was back and forth success and failure.  Some games you would destroy the opponents (Josh as Winston, Stefan as multiple characters), and other times we would get whipped up and down the map.


After multiple frustrating losses, we switched to Quick Play, and what a difference that made.  First match was Watchpoint Gibraltar, and I got Play of the Game and a 16 killstreak as McCree.  Granted, the PotG’s usually come from Deadeye multi-kills, but this was much more satisfying.  Two down with Deadeye, took out a Bastion and stunned Doomfist long enough to get mowed down by our Bastion. And with that kill the 15 Kill Streak came up on the screen, so it was good feelings all around.


The very next game I got PotG again, another triple-kill a-la Deadeye.

Set up to get knocked down.  It was a great night.


Until next time,
Justice ain’t gonna dispense itself
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