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Overwatch Monday – PS4

Max Linskey June 27, 2017 3

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Overwatch is impossible to play by yourself.
Okay, so could do a 1v1, but besides that, it’s very difficult to find chemistry when your teammates are a bunch of idiots.  Oh, the point is contested? We should stand back and LET THE HANZO FRONTLINE.  Orisa is walling us off? Better just keep going up the middle.
My point is that unless you’re able to talk to your teammates (like group members you chose and are familiar with, would not recommend team chat), you’re at a severe disadvantage, and the game becomes un-fun quickly.

Once my teammates arrived and I was able to fit better in the team and communicate, things went much more smoothly. 

I decided that after the most recent patch, I should try to play as McCree more.  I tried him before, but only played him a few times.  Not the greatest hero in my opinion, as his loadout is pretty much a one trick pony.  Flashbang, Fan the Hammer, Roll, repeat.  Not super hard, but definitely can be tricky when you’re trying to tankbust alone.  It took a few games, but I started to get the hang of him and decided I would try to main him.  I will confess, I am a Hanzo main, and a quite decent one at that (at least I would say so).  The game I was yelling about previously, while frontlining as Hanzo, went quite well.  I also mained D.Va, but am trying to get more playtime as Orisa, as her loadout is ridiculously good right now.  
At any rate, McCree is great at mid-range (probably where I find myself most often), and I went 1v1 at close range enough times with tanks to get them down pretty easily (Orisa is still a pain in the ass).  I also got Play of the Game on multiple occasions throughout the night on triple kills with Deadeye.  Cleared the point on Horizon multiple times that led to game wins, so it felt pretty good.  Being on the gun end of the High Noon was great, watching everyone try to run for cover before getting blasted to hell.  
Anyways, I’ll end my rant saying that I will be playing McCree much more often.  
Justice ain’t gonna dispense itself.
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