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Pokemon Origins, The Anime Adaptation We’ve Always Wanted

Brendan Lees September 26, 2013 5 5

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Pokemon Origins, it’s about time.

Today is a wonderful day in the world of Pokemon news. ~17 years ago, Pokemon Red and Pokemon Blue were released for the Nintendo Gameboy. They were a pair of the most popular games for the system and the series has kept that same standing since, on 4 handheld consoles. About one year after the release of the Red and Blue games came the Pokemon anime. It starred Ash Ketchum as the main protagonist as he traveled with his Pokemon partner Pikachu across the same world we traveled in the games. But he wasn’t the character we had played as in the games. In fact, the show differed from the anime in so many aspects on top of that. But that’s a discussion for another time.

I’m proud to say now that we’ll soon be able to watch a direct adaptation of the original games in anime form. Starring Red as the main protagonist and his rival Blue(or Green, if you prefer the original Japanese canon), as it should be. So get ready to let loose your nostalgia and/or excitement. Here it is:

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