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Getting back to our roots
Getting back to our roots

Pokemon Origins aired a few months ago, and it is very interesting to say the very least. This new, and yet oddly nostalgic anime bring out the best of both the games and the original manga. The show really is different from how I expected it to be, growing up with Ash and his lessons about friendship and love and other stuff, I really wasn’t expecting the all out slap from this new series.

The first thing I should state about this anime is that it is not really made for kids, it was clearly made to satisfy the people who have been around since Red and Blue were released, the Pokemon players who struggled through the original games. Another piece of information you should have is that this is only a 4 episode special. So those who thought that this series was the beginning of something incredible, you will be disappointed. But if you go into understanding that the awesome and epic story will be short, you, especially as a Pokemon expert, will be thrust into a world and a story you will never forget.

Toughest Choice of our Childhood
Toughest Choice of our Childhood

Because of the 4 episode limit, the show goes by rather quickly, but in reality, it doesn’t really matter. Just don’t questions things such as “Oh when does Red get that Pokemon?” because then you’ll never enjoy it. The show really doesn’t censor things as well, as I stated before, this is not a special made for children, it’s made for those who played Red and Blue when they were released. The battles are more vicious than just Squirtle shooting out some water, at one point during a battle, Green’s Squirtle almost kills Red’s Charmander by dangerously biting his neck.

Not about Friendship and Caring anymore
Not about Friendship and Caring anymore

That being said though, the writers definitely tried to give a reminiscent feeling with the show. The game starts off with Oak’s famous opening from Red and Blue. Before facing the first gym, there is a trainer that says “You’re light years away from facing Brock!” There were so many nostalgic moments from the episodes that I felt a little old while watching it. Nurse Joy’s famous monologue was even included!

Good to know somethings never change.
Good to know somethings never change.

The first episode focuses on Red getting to know his Charmander and defeating the first gym leader Brock. After getting the way of fighting with friendship down, Red defeats Brock and moves on.

The Second Episode is focused on the Lavender town incident with the Pokemon Tower, the third episode focused on defeating Giovanni and Team Rocket and the last episode focused on Red defeating Green in the Pokemon league and then facing and capturing Mewtwo.

While I absolutely loved Origins, my biggest issue with it was how much it skipped. As you see in the previous paragraph, the episodes skip over a lot of classic Pokemon moments, such as Misty, the Digglet cave and so forth. Now when each episode started it recapped what you “missed” and therefore sort of covered it, and I understand why they did it, they didn’t want to make a full series, just a 4 episode special to create a nostalgic feeling and the publicize X and Y, it was just rather unfortunate.

The last episode was arguably the best, the final fight with Green when he became the champion was just incredible. I mean Green...or was it Blue? He wants to battle!
Douche…er I mean Green…or was it Blue? He wants to battle!

The most intense part about it was getting to see the awaited Blastoise vs. Charizard battle, that was the second half to the battle in the first episode where Green’s Squirtle defeats Red’s Charmander.

I'ma bite yo neck again
I’ma bite yo neck again

After the battle was concluded, Spoiler Alert! Red becomes the new Pokemon league champion. After being inducted into the hall of fame, Red continues on his journey of catching all the Pokemon in the world! All 149 of them (Keep in mind this is just Gen1…he is going to have a rude awakening soon enough I bet…). While he goes around the Kanto region, he catches a lot of different Pokemon, including the legendary’s, a Pikachu and even this classic scene;

Wild Chancy appears! Throw a rock? Or Throw a Treat?
Wild Chancy appears!
Throw a rock? Or Throw a Treat?
Oops Never mind, it ran way again...
Oops Never mind, it ran way again…

After catching all 149 Pokemon, Red returns to Professor Oak to tell him the good news. He finds Green all beat up in a bed with Oak looking over him. Green reveals that he was beat up by a strange 150th Pokemon. Red sets out to try and find this Pokemon, when he does, he engages in battle with Mewtwo. Mewtwo quickly defeats almost all of Red’s Pokemon, including his legendary’s! When Red sends out his final Pokemon, Charizard, he is almost defeated before the bond between Red and Charizard grows so strong that…

Wait...what?? Isn't this Gen 1??
Wait…what?? Isn’t this Gen 1??


Yup, Charizard Mega evolves. This is another problem I have with Origins. While it was cool watching Mega Charizard X in action, it felt really strange given the fact that this was suppose to be based off of the original games. Regardless we should have predicted this since Origins was basically just a publicity stunt to gain popularity for Pokemon X and Y.

Awwww thanks for skipping 5 generations of content for me buddy.
Awwww thanks for skipping 5 generations of content for me buddy.

Anyway, Mega Charizard quickly overpowers Mewtwo for Red to catch it. After realizing that there is still Mew out there for them to catch, Red gets excited and gets ready to start out again.

I honestly loved Origins, even with it’s clear and obvious problems (cough cough Mega evolutions) the series succeeded in not only getting my more excited for X and Y, but also giving me that nostalgic feeling on leaving on my first Pokemon adventure those many years ago.

Writer’s Rating: 9.4/10




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