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Legend of Korra Book 4 Official Trailer

Geoff September 26, 2014 10

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Just a month after the end of Legend of Korra book 3, the official trailer for the final season of the show was released!




The trailer was released on nick.com, and can be found here:

While we obviously can’t hear what they are saying throughout the trailer, some assumptions can be made.

First and foremost, the speculation that Kuvira would be the new antagonist of this season seems to be all but officially confirmed. She seems to be leading some sort of Zaofu rebellion. While it seems that Suyin does not join the rebels, it seems to early to find out.

The setting of this season takes place three years after the end of book 3, and it also seems a lot has changed. Bolin, now seems to be living with the metal clan, gathered by his clothing. Considering he is not a metalbender (which was a subplot in book 3), he probably moved there permanently to be with Opal, who he is probably dating now considering how everything was between the two of them at the end of book 3.

The airbenders seemed to have matured as well. Jinora’s hair has grown back and she is sporting her new airbending master tattoos. Ikki and Meelo seemed to have grown a little as well. The new airbenders seem to have some new sort of gliding suit, instead of the gliders they’ve had for a while.

Now for the plot. The main plot of the season seems to revolve around what we are going to call “The Zaofu rebellion”. We call it as such, because from the trailer, Kuvira seems to be advancing and trying to take over other territory in the Earth Kingdom. Our theory is (and keep in mind, this is a THEORY) that now that the Earth Kingdom is in anarchy, Kuvira wants to take over the Earth Kingdom to make it a “Metal Kingdom” instead. Now regardless of her intentions, she probably goes about doing this is a rather drastic way that agitates the Avatar/Suyin/Everybody else. Or maybe even Kuvira just wants to become a “Metal Queen” rather similar to how the previous Earth Queen was, you know…before she had the air sucked out of her lungs and died.

The metal clan also seems to have taken Sato’s mecha suits from the first season and enhanced them a bit. I personally believe that Verrick has something to do with that, because he became the head inventor of Zaofu, he was also shown in the trailer, albeit briefly.

There was a few scenes of people fighting, I’m not gonna bother explaining them, they are better off just being watched.

Finally, the trailer ends with Korra, in a vine like (spirit world?) setting, turning around and saying “Toph?”

Needless to say, you should be excited.

We’ll have more updates as they arrive, Legend of Korra Book 4: Balance premiers Friday, October 3rd!


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