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Animator Spotlight: Worthikids

Rich Clancey July 7, 2020 202 5

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Hey Internet. TehCoolRich here with a new article series coming at ya.

Animation. It’s a love of mine. I’m constantly discovering new animators on YouTube and I want to help share their work with others who haven’t discovered them yet. It’s amazing how much quality stuff is out there (that you probably haven’t heard about!). I just want to spread the word and get their names out there. If you enjoy these spotlight articles, check out the creators and share this with your friends! (and of course, stick here for the next article in the series.)

This entry’s artist is one that I’ve recently subscribed to on YouTube. His channel name is “Worthikids”and the guy who runs it [Ian Worthington] has been uploading videos there for 5 years or so.

You should subscribe!

There are some great animated shorts to find here but the star of the show in my opinion, is his new “Big Top Burger” series that just launched last month.

The series is so far only 3 episodes long, featuring 3 clowns and their clown boss trying to run a food truck. It’s a funny concept that is further brought to life by the animation style, of which has become unmistakably recognizable as Ian’s.

Furthermore, the voice acting and sound design are generally out of the park. You can tell real passion went into these shorts.

Ian uses a program called Blender to animate these shorts (and others) and utilizes a unique method of 3-D models in a pseudo 2-D way. The 3-D models and props help reduce the turnaround time on releasing new content in the series. These three cartoons were made released weekly during the month of June

As it turns out, I’ve been a fan of his work for a lot longer than I’ve realized! He’s got some great shorts of animated live action segments from various shows such as The Eric Andre Show, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and others. You ever watch stuff sporadically and find out later that it was all done by the same person and you’re now hooked and just really wanting more? Yeah that was totally me in this situation. I’m here to say don’t wait for the Algorithm to offer up some of these… watch them now!

Lastly, I want to point out that Ian is also a very talented musician and often incorporates original music into his work. Here’s the theme to Big Top Burger (which i can’t get enough of by the way).

His secondary Channel is “Worthikids Music” and it contains lots of Original music.


Included on the channel is an entire Album dedicated to Spongebob Squarepants: “Bikini Bottom” which i love and again, knew about before I knew about Ian and his channel.


Worthikids is criminally under viewed and extremely talented. His BTB series is definitely getting some attention though, with each episode nearing a million views. I encourage you to support him in any way you can, because frankly, we just don’t get enough talented animators on YouTube anymore (YouTube is harsh with monetization and favors videos that are 10+ minutes long, posing real challenges to animators)

If you’re really impressed you can even support him on Patreon

Hope you enjoyed this Animator Spotlight, I hope to create more of these, focused on underground artists who have that special sauce for quality animation.


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