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Check This Out!

New Digimon Card Game?!?

Max Linskey January 21, 2020 129

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If you’re scratching your head in wondrous excitement at the prospects of the delightful title you just read, welcome. I am as excited as you are to say that something by the way of a Digimon card game is coming to the world. From a teaser site (in Japanese) from Bandai, information was revealed as well as a release date: April of 2020.

Now this article should be taken with 2 huge grains of salt in that 1) I cannot read Japanese so this is more my speculation of what all the kanji means and 2) that this in no way guarantees a Western release (sad days).

What I do know/think I know is this (based on context clues and hunches form the page):

  • There will be 3 individual decks (starter decks) in Red, Blue, and Yellow for Agumon, Gabumon, and Patamon, respectively
  • Each Digimon has some kind of Power rating and Level that maybe corresponds to their form (Rookie, Champion, Ultimate, Mega), although I am unsure exactly what this entails
  • There is a score/point system card used to keep track of both players during the game, again, not sure the specifics on use (though it reminds me of a Keyforge chain counter for some reason)
  • Each deck costs 500 yen or, if it comes to the West (please PLEASE), a whopping $5, making it incredibly easy to pick up. Each also seems to contain 16 cards (or 16 of something)

Each Card seems to have:

  • A Point value
  • A DP value
  • A level
  • A number in red I assume is some kind of attack power (?)
  • Some flavor text
  • A gorgeous picture of a Digimon

This is huge news coming off the tail of last year marking the 20th anniversary of Tai and friends in their first adventure in the digital world as well as Digimon Survive, a new game coming out this year. Did I mention there’s a new movie looking at older Tai and the gang? That’s coming too (Last Evolution).

Is Digimon making its triumphant and deserved return to the card game world? In Japan, yes. In the West, not too sure. The original Digimon card game from decades past was a commercial failure that by the time it was acquired, interest was already dead. Nostalgia mixed with a market eager for new card games means I think Digimon could thrive int he West. I also really love both Digimon and card games and would be disappointed (and who are we kidding, personally attacked) if it doesn’t mosey its way across the Pacific.

Information is pretty scarce, but I will have the updates on this matter as soon as I get them. Watch the page with me! Hopefully something comes from the “Coming Soon” Twitter button as we count down the days to April!

In April 2020, a new card game of “Digimon” will be born

Find your own strongest Digimon with a game system where you can enjoy “Evolution” and “Fostering”!

Needless to say, I’m hype as hell.

By Max

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