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Double Chapter Next Week to put an End to Naruto (SPOILERS)

Geoff October 30, 2014 27

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naruto1The end of Naruto has been officially announced by Shonen Jump. Next week, with a double chapter, the Naruto Manga will end on it’s 700th chapter.

This Article Contains Spoilers that will not have been revealed in the Anime as of October 29th 2014. 

Today the 698th chapter of Naruto was posted online, and with that, only two more chapters remain.

Firstly, I will recap the most recent events;

  • Obito is defeated by Naruto and Sasuke.
  • Madara is then takes control of a half dead Obito and forces him to revive Madara.
  • Madara quickly defeats the 9 tailed beasts and absorbs them into the Gedo Mazo.
    • This includes Gyuki and Kurama out of Bee and Naruto respectively.
  • Sasuke is stabbed and mortally wounded by Madara
  • Gaara and Sakura rush to the Impure World Resurrected Minato Namizake to save Naruto
    • A.k.a. the 4th Hokage and the one who holds the other half of the nine-tails
  • The ten tails is completed and Madara absorbs it
    • He then goes to where Obito and Black Zetsu are to retrieve his other eye
  • As Gaara and Sakura arrive to where Kakashi, Minato and Obito/Black Zetsu are, Minato tries to put half of the Nine-tails into Naruto but is intercepted by Black Zetsu who absorbs it.
  • As Madara arrives, the others try to fight him, but fail.
  • When Black Zetsu tries to move over to Madara, Obito stops him and betrays him to fight him.
  • Obito and Kakashi send Naruto and Sakura over to the other dimension using Kamui
  • Obito tries to take the tailed beasts from Madara but only succeeds in taking part of Shukaku and Gyuki
    • Kakashi and Obito then use Kamui to send the latter over to the other dimension
    • Obito then starts to put the tailed beast chakra into Naruto
  • Might Guy and Rock Lee show up and help fend off Madara
  • A mysterious figure starts to try and heal Sasuke as Orochimaru and gang head over
  • Guy releases the 8th gate, the gate of death, to fight off Madara
  • Naruto awakens in his subconscious and meets The Sage of the 6 paths
    • Also known as Hagoromo Otsutsuki
  • He tells Naruto about his history and hands him and Sasuke (who he is also meeting with in his own subconscious) the power to seal the Madara/Ten Tails
    • This consists of a sun mark on Naruto palm and a crescent moon mark on Sasukes
    • The history consists of the running feud between Hagoromo’s 2 sons, whose feud gets passed down to new “successors” every generation
      • This generation is Naruto and Sasuke
      • Previous generation is Hashirama and Madara
  • Guy puts Madara on the ropes, but before he can finish him off, the 8th gate takes effect and he begins dying.
  • As Madara is about to finish off Guy, Naruto shows up and helps him, and using the power of the 6th paths, stops Guy from dying.
  • Sasuke shows up, being healed by Kabuto, and has awakened the Rinnegan in his left eye.
  • Naruto meanwhile was able to awaken the 6th Path technique due to having a bit of each of the tailed beasts powers in him.
  • As Madara, fights them, he distracts them, steals Kakashi’s left eye, goes over to the other dimension and steals his eye back from Obito.
  • Returning back, and at full power he fights Naruto and Sasuke.
  • While distracting Naruto and Sasuke, Madara activates the Infinite Tsukuyomi.
  • Sasuke manages to block the technique with his rinnegan and saves Kakashi, Naruto and Sakura in the process.
  • As the world is put under the technique, team 7 is safe.
  • Madara confronts Team 7, but before they can start fighting, Black Zetsu (still on Obito) stabs him in the back and says that he was never Madara’s will, but Kaguya’s.
    • Kaguya is Hagoromo’s mother, who fused with the giant tree to create the 10 tails before Hagoromo sealed it
  • Naruto and Sasuke try to seal Kaguya, who has the power of a god and can change dimensions at the drop of a dime.
  • After a long battle, Team 7 manages to seal Kaguya, using Hagoromo’s technique.
  • The 9 beasts are removed and the Gedo Mazo is sealed in a new moon (in the separate dimension)
  • Team 7 is summoned back to their dimension by Hagoromo and the spirits of the deceased Kage.
  • As Naruto says goodbye to Minato, the Resurrected Shinobi pass on
  • Hagoromo states they will now end the Infinite Tsukuyomi with Naruto’s tailed beast power and Sasukes Rinnegan.
  • Naruto agrees, but Sasuke states he will first kill the 5 kage that are currently under the technique in order to create a new world order.
  • As the rest of team 7 disagrees, Sasuke states he also has to kill Naruto to cut all bonds he had with the world before.
  • Using Chibaku Tensei, Sasuke seals the 9 beasts in to small moons.
  • The two dart off for their final confrontation, arriving at the Valley of the End.

As you know with how Naruto goes; yes, these are the most recent events.


The fight between Naruto and Sasuke seems a little rushed, but there is only so much action and interesting material you can write when the two fighting basically have the power of gods. They both have also been fighting for 2 days straight, so a short battle is not exactly a foreign idea. The fight starts off strong with both using their most powerful techniques. As they use up most of their chakra, the battle resolves into nothing but fist fighting, until neither of them have any strength left. Kurama manages to work up some chakra to give to Naruto, but it is instantly absorbed by Sasuke using his Rinnegan technique. As Sasuke uses this chakra as a chidori to try and kill Naruto, he retaliates and punches Sasuke away. Kurama gives Naruto the last of his chakra, and Naruto charges up a Rasengan as Sasuke adds black flames to his Chidori. The two rush at each other and the techniques collide.

Some time later, both Naruto and Sasuke lay next to each other. Naruto states they are both going to die soon due to lack of blood. Sasuke asks why Naruto keeps standing in his way. Naruto says that its because they are friends and whenever he sees Sasuke upset, he feels the pain as well. Sasuke thinks about the past and admits that he was always jealous of Naruto and wanted to be his friend, but decided to be his rival instead. They both pass out.

They both awake the next morning and Sasuke admits that he lost their fight. Naruto claims that there are no winners or losers because this was nothing more than him trying to punch some reason into a friend. Sasuke says that the fight between the brothers ends today and resolves to die. Naruto says that won’t solve anything and asks Sasuke to help him in the world Naruto wants to create. Sasuke asks Naruto what he’ll do if he betrays Naruto and attacks him again. Naruto states that he’ll just defeat Sasuke again, but he doesn’t think Sasuke would do that. When Sasuke asks why, Naruto says “don’t make me repeat myself” Sasuke sheds a tear before telling Naruto: “Shut up, you damn total moron” while zooming out and revealing that Naruto’s right hand and Sasuke’s left hand are gone and the blood seeping from them makes it look like they are holding hands.

The long awaited end
The long awaited end

This long awaited battle had a recipe for disaster. Fans have been waiting for this battle for years, its safe to call it one of the most anticipated battles in Manga history. The story has been setting up a fight between the two since the 3rd chapter, and since their first fight, fans have been itching for more. Then there was the time table, as the fight was about to start, the Manga announced that it would be ending in 5 chapters, which seemed a little short for the long awaited final battle as well as the wrap up of this story. Then, there is also the problem of how it would be settled between the 2. The whole point of the story was to end the chain of hatred and resolve problems without fighting and killing, but everyone still knew that the two of them had to fight. So how would it be resolved? With one killing the other? Or with what fan’s like to call Naruto’s talk to Jutsu.

I was pleased that Kishimoto decided to do both. He had an excellent, not dragged on fight that resolved with both of them being unable to move and talking and resolving their differences. At the end, with Sasuke calling Naruto a “damn, total moron” it showed their reconciliation and their revived friendship (as this is what he used to call Naruto before he betrayed everyone, when they were still on the same team).

Now that the fight is over, there are now 2 chapters remaining to cover everything up, and even this close to the end, we are all still wondering how it is going to end. With the announcement of The Last Naruto Movie, which takes place several years after the end of the series, we wonder how things will go. From the promotional pictures, Naruto doesn’t appear to be Hokage, but we obviously can’t tell yet, and they won’t reveal anything for fear of giving up the ending of the Manga.

The Manga, therefore, could end one of two ways, with Naruto becoming Hokage, or him not. The plus side of him not would be that he would probably become Hokage in the last movie. Personally, I don’t want that. we have watched from the beginning hoping to see the day when Naruto would be made Hokage, and it should be contained in the actual story itself, not in a side movie we will have to wait another 2 months to see. Of course there is the possibility of Naruto not becoming Hokage at all…ever…but I don’t think that’s likely (and because of that, it’ll probably happen)


Plot twist: Here is the 6th Hokage!
Plot twist: Here is the 6th Hokage!

Regardless, we will more than likely know next week. I will update here will the final review on Naruto after I remove myself from the fetal position in the corner of my room over the fact that this series is finally over.

-By Geoff 

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