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A tragedy has struck the NETV crew. Our beloved Pokemon commentator, John Solomon, has disappeared. As such he won’t be able to tell you that you can now acquire the Gen 2 starters with hidden abilities by going to your Pokebank.


He could have told you that all you needed to do is open your Pokebank to receive your gift, then in your ORAS or X/Y opening menu select the “Receive Gift” option to add the new pokemon to your game, but it appears he has escaped our holding chamber has been kidnapped.

He was last seen in our underground cell special guest luxury suite, in his traditional 18th century garb screaming about how he would “escape this blasted plane and return to his belov’d” contemplating how the new hidden ability starters would effect the current metagame.

This is the last known image of him, taken as he punched out and destroyed our night-vision observation equipment sang us a lovely song about his wife and accidentally hit a photographer:

Photo on 3-2-15 at 5.07 PM #2

If you have any information about his whereabouts please contact our dedicated NETV lost persons phone line at 1-800-Lost-Solomon.

<3 Azazel

PS. Confused about what’s going on? See this article for more info on John: Omega Ruby//Alpha Saphire Demo Review

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