In Memeorium: WEEGEE

Rich Clancey February 9, 2018 13

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Sup Internet. I got a riddle for you. What’s Tall, Green and has a 1000 yard piercing stare? Nope, it’s not Exeggutor. It’s WEEGEE!

Lest we not forget Nintendo’s runner up brother, Luigi. Luigi’s been pretty influential in the memescape over the years, mainly due to his constant failure to live up to the celebrity status of Mario, his older brother and game seller extraordinaire. Out of this turmoil, WEEGEE was born. What is WEEGEE? Well to put it as simple as possible, scary as all hell. He appears when you least expect it and his state has the power to instantly meme-ify others into a grisly visage of the mustachioed abomination.

You might be saying, that’s not Luigi, that’s some badly photoshopped rendition of Luigi. Well, you’d be right. WEEGEE is based off of a DOS Mario game called “Mario is Missing”, otherwise known as the only game starring Luigi as a main player character until 2001’s Luigi’s Mansion.

The game had you looking around the world for Mario and the sprite for Luigi was very… odd. A forum user in 2007 decided to make a vector image of the sprite and now you have what we call, WEEGEE.

Of course, WEEGEE eventually made his round on 4chan, being declared Moots favorite meme in a thread in 2007.

The images to come were focused on WEEGEE inserting himself awkwardly into situations and staring madly at something. WEEGEE made his way into Youtube Poops, and other internet media.

Love him or hate him, WEEGEE has brought me countless laughs and he’ll live on to keep popping up where you least expect him.

If you’d like to learn more, check out: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/weegee

Until next week!

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