Mass Effect

Geoff March 31, 2014 3

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Mass Effect
Mass Effect

Mass Effect has been an impressive series to date. Its story and personalization within the story is like no other. Anyone who has played Mass Effect 1, 2, or 3 knows the creators know how to make a visually pleasing game with an in-depth story. Each character in the game has a realistic personality. The game often holds a few motion/action based bugs such as, not being able to pick up an item from certain angles, or a dead enemy becomes stuck in an objects mesh. However, these bugs are insignificant in comparison to work put into all three mass effect games.


Mass Effect 2 trailer

A big factor to the game’s uniqueness, is the transfer/continuation of the player’s story throughout all three games. Imported save files allow the player to use the same character from the first game, with all his/her choices to begin the second game as the same player. Every choice, every mistake, carried over. The same is true from the second to third.


Bioware has had a bad rep for the way they ended the third Mass effect. Many people felt the ending wasn’t worth the countless hours put into the first two’s decisions. One thing people often neglect to consider, is the options for the overall plot. What possible ways can one end a series where one character has made many life changing choices. It just isn’t easy. Though I respect as a gamer looking for more out of what you put in. News on the fourth Mass effect is slowly being released. The only reasonable expectation is that the main character (Commander Shepard) will not be a part.

Mass Effect 4 Interview   It will likely be for Xbox one, PC, and PS4

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