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NETV’s Top Underrated Video Games

Geoff September 12, 2016 9

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Happy National Video Game Day Everyone!

September 12th celebrates National Video Game Day. And in Celebration, we here at NETV have comprised a list of our personal favorite underrated Video Games!

Everybody has their guilty pleasure’s! Here at NETV, our’s are comprised of Liquor, Video Games, and other things that are not PG-13! For the sake of proper censoring, we’ll only discuss the video games.

"Good Work"
“Good Work”

Let’s start with our good friend, Max!

1. Space Station Silicon Valley

by Max

Space Station Silicon Valley is an N64 game that came out in 1998 by Take-Two Interactive. Now, this game defies any sensible introduction, so bear with me when I tell you what’s going on.
Year: 2001. Space Station Silicon Valley is launched into orbit. Then, seven minutes later, it vanishes.
Year: 3000. Dan Danger and his robo-partner Evo are on an expedition when they crash land on the space station. Their ship is damaged and Evo is in pieces, but they learn the animals on the station have merged and evolved with the technology around them, causing them to become robot animals. Evo is down, but he is still able to transfer his microchip into damaged robot animals. So, the player must control Evo as various animals and save the space station, all while finding rocket ship pieces to repair the broken ship, Dan Danger sit’s on his ass and does nothing. Yay robot slavery!
Now, this game is hilarious. The graphics are a polygon nightmare, but the spirit of the game is wonderful. Helicopter-rabbits that poop bombs, boxing kangaroos, wolves with jets on their backs that shoot missiles, and even a camel with a cannon turret on its back. Things got a bit weird in the 90’s, but Space Station Silicon Valley takes the biggest slice of the crazy cake. Did I mention there’s a King Penguin that can command other penguins as his minions? Because that’s pretty important. If you’re looking for a fun puzzle game with crazy animal antics, I would suggest dusting off your N64 and finding Space Station Silicon Valley.

Also, UP, DOWN, L, Z, DOWN, LEFT, Z, DOWN. You’re welcome…


2. Ace Attorney: Original Trilogy

by TechCoolRich

These three original games brought courtroom drama, mixed with Anime style charm and absurdity to the gameboy advance in 2001. They are set up as visual novels which isn’t the first thing you might think of when it comes to video games. However, for me these stories have found a special place in my heart and I’ll remember each moment that unfolded as I learned more.

You play as Phoenix (Nick) Wright, an aspiring Defense Attorney who believes that innocent people should be protected from those who are trying to get away with terrible crimes.

These games stuck out to me because they always were able to keep my interest, like a good book that I just couldn’t put down. The cast of characters is still fresh in my mind, due in part to how unique each one was.

The gameplay consists of 2 modes, in a court proceeding or in the field investigating the case. You listen to testimony, cross examine witnesses and present evidence to contradict lies in the prosecution’s arguments. Honestly, The game ability able to toss around real legal terminology without boring me is astounding, and it was still able to keep things zany and humorous as the same time!

The things that unfold in these games are touching and learning the truth about certain cases seriously made me feel emotional from time to time.

If you’re looking for a great story driven game, want to protect the innocent and love reading books, I highly recommend the original trilogy

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Justice For All

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney – Trials and Tribulations

You can pick up a 3 game collection of the original trilogy on the Nintendo 3DS Shop for only $30!

And if you don’t think you’ll like this kind of game then I just have one thing for you……..


3. Warioware

by Azazel <3

Nintendo has come out with a lot of dumb junk. Basically all of the gimmicks things that make their consoles their consoles. The Wiimote. The Wii U gamepad. The N64 controller. The DS. The opulent headache-inducing successor to the DS: the 3DS. The door-stop themed backwards-step-successor to the 3DS: the 2DS.

And the only series to ever actually use this stupid junk in an interesting way is the Warrioware series. The games are really simple–you do a bunch of 2-3 second long mini-games in rapid succession that increase in speed/difficulty as you go. The mini-games interact with the various types of controllers/controls that the platform they’re on offers and feel like they explore all of their possibilities in a totally engaging way. It’s more addicting that it sounds. Trust me.

The art is hilarious. But it’s totally indescribable. This is a screen cap from Warioware: Smooth Moves, the Wii version of Warioware: (by “Form Baton” they mean Wiimote)

(you have to hold the wiimote this way or the game is really hard to play)



So not only has Warioware capitalized on otherwise worthless and annoying Nintendo gaming

whatever-the-fucks (looking at you Wii Fit standing pad thing *sexy wink*), one time they even made their own strange controller modifier and built a whole game around it.

Warioware Twisted was a game for the Gameboy Color that had a modified game pack with a motion sensor and all of the mini-games involve using that sensor in one way or another. It’s sort of like driving a pickup truck made of nose hairs through a giant shark. If that doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you’ll never like any of these games. But if it does, pony up the $50+ dollars this game now goes for and give it a try. It’ll be much more fun than trying to play Smash with a Wiimote. Or the gamepad. Or any of Nintendo’s other brilliant ideas for controllers that aren’t just a/b/d/start/select.

4. MDickie’s Wrestling MPire/Encore Series

by Ryan

Over the course of time, that strange intersection of wrestling fans and gamers have had plenty to laud and to jeer when it came to video game representations of their favorite pastime. There have been great ones, like Smackdown! Here Comes the Pain, WWF No Mercy, WCW/NWO World Tour, and the Fire Pro Wrestling series. Then there have been the bad ones, Wrestlemania X8 for the GameCube, WWF Raw for the XBOX and PC, and WCW Backstage Assault.

For many, what they really want is a good single-player career mode that they can sink their teeth into, and spend hours building their own legacy and the next Stone Cold Steve Austin or John Cena. Some argue that WWF No Mercy and Smack-down HCtP did it best, those were already established stories that the player was put into. Has there ever been an “organic” single player mode, that changed as the player did?

Yes, WWE 2K16 and the upcoming 2K17 have branching and unique stories for the MyCareer mode, but that ruins my point so I am ignoring it.

I’m talking about MDickie’s Wrestling Mpire/Encore series. In this, it seems like that he just has random variables in his code called at random times to create feuds and story lines for your character to go through. While this may make it unique every time, it yeilds to some strange occurences. The best example was I ended up getting embroiled in a feud with my current tag-team partner and current co-champion because I was getting too friendly with myself. Yes, you read that right: somehow my tag team partner realized I was too friendly with his tag team partner (myself) and challenged me to a match.

The matches themselves are wonders/train wrecks to behold in and of themselves. There are the standard battle royales, tag team matches, and even hardcore and cage matches. When it gets weird is the “Hall of Mirrors” match where the ring is surrounded and filled with panes of glass, and the “Minefield” match where the ring is surrounded and full of sticks of TNT. The damage your character and your opponents can face is brutal, with fingers, eyes, even full limbs coming off!

Which brings me back to the wonderful feud I ended up in. In the match with my tag-team partner, I ended up killing him. The following a week a memorial event was held in his honor, with the booker asking me if I wanted to compete. I didn’t know anything about my match, but I went with it. How else better to honor my tag team partner (who I legitimately killed) by fighting in a match.

Well…I was defending my tag-team championship…with my dead partner. Oddly enough, when a wrestler dies in these games, they aren’t deleted. They are just moved to the “Legends” roster, but can still be used. And sure enough, like a specter from the grave, here comes by tag team parter, hobbling on one leg, with one arm, and thumb-pinky on the other. Sure enough, we lost, because he could never climb up the apron and we were counted out. I promptly vacated my title and moved on.

This game series has been an enigma wrapped in a conundrum and set on fire. The gameplay is meh at best, but the moments you can make it worth the look. Best part though: it’s free! You can get it at the link below, and take a look at some of MDickie’s other games! (I reccomended the religious ones where you can meet Jesus or Mohammed.)

5. Blur

by Josh

I Like Blur! It’s fun and easy to play!


Thanks for ready NETV fans! And Have a very Merry National Video Games Day

by Geoff
by Geoff


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