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Nintendo Switch Announcements

Rich Clancey January 13, 2017 18

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Hold on to your Hype Trains!

The day has finally come, where we learn all the important details regarding Nintendo’s newest console, the “Switch”, previously known as Project NX.

This news is cutting edge, so hang on tight as we break this right from Japan.

LAUNCH DATE: The Nintendo Switch will launch on March 3rd, 2017 in Japan, USA, Europe, China and other territories

RETAIL PRICE: The Nintendo Switch will be sold at $299.99 at retail. (29,980 Yen)

launch price

ONLINE SERVICES: There is going to be a paid service for Nintendo Online starting in Fall of 2017. it will be free to try at launch. information was brief.

REIGION LOCKING: Has been removed from Nintendo Switch software!

BATTERY LIFE: This is going to vary by game but the estimates given by Nintendo state that the battery of the tablet will last between 2.5 and 6 hours off the dock. It is going to utilize a USB Type C Charging Cable

THE SCREEN: The screen has been confirmed as a touch screen!

CONNECTIVITY: Up to 8 switches can be connected locally and it has built in wi-fi

JOYCONS: A lot of news about the joycons. They can read amiibos. They will have a screenshot/video sharing button that will allow you to post to social media. Red and Blue color variants will be available at launch.

HD RUMBLE: An advanced rumble feature that boasts it can convey the feeling of what an ice cube in a glass feels like. you can tell the difference between 1, 2 and even three ice cubes, as well as what it feels like if the glass were to fill with water, through the controller in your hand.

Now, Let’s talk Games.

1 2 Switch

1 2 switch

This is a really fun looking party based series of games. One of the selling points here is that playing the game does not require looking at the screen, but at your opponents eyes instead. Great for icebreakers, events etc. There’s some examples like a Standoff Shootout Duel, sword fighting and magic casting. looks fun and incorporates the HD Rumble

Releases 3/3/2017 Alongside the Switch



A wacky boxing game using extendable arms and active controls utilizing the joycons! Looks like something you could get some real intense fun out of!

Releases Spring 2017

Splatoon 2


More squids and kids!

Releases Summer 2017

Super Mario Odyssey


The most ambitious looking Mario game yet! He’s in the big city! His hat plays a big role into the game as he can throw it like a Frisbee and jump off of it. There’s even 2 eyes sprouting out of it….

Releases Holiday 2017

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


Ladies and Gentlemen it’s finally here! They saved the news for the absolute last moment but after much toying with us they finally announced…


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Releases ON MARCH 3rd 2017 AS A SWITCH LAUNCH TITLE


Other Notable Games include:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Fire Emblem Warriors

Third Party Developers and News!

Nintendo has attracted a lot of attention from 3rd party Devs.

There are over 50 companies working with Nintendo to develop games for the Switch Platform

There are currently at least 80 planned games in the pipeline already!


Square Enix:

Dragon Quest 10 and 11

Dragon Quest Heros 1 and 2

Shin Megami Tensei

Project Octopath Traveller


came out to say Hi. that’s basically it.


– Did the thing



Let’s wrap up all the awesome news with what you’ll get in the box.


All for $299.00

It’s worth noting that a pro controller (Pictured Below) will be available separately, but we don’t know for how much.

pro controller



richThanks for tuning in! This has been Rich, and I am very excited for the switch. Will you be attempting to get it? Let us know!



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