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Octodad and What it’s Like to Live a Lie

Max Linskey February 3, 2014 11

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octodadSo Octodad came out this past Thursday. Looking into the game revealed that it is actually a sequel to a student project done quite a few years ago and Octodad 2: Dadliest Catch is basically a finalized version of that concept.  Octodad, under it’s ridiculous guise and crazy gameplay is  a very potent comment on humanity and what life is like for those who are covering something inside them that would destroy their life.


Young Horses, the developer, is saying that everyone can and should play this game to explore the dark truth,


That we are all covering up a secret, all harboring a lie.





We are all Octodad.


“My thoughts dwell on the events of yesterday…

That strange sushi chef stared at me as if I was on the menu. Does he know I am secretly an octopus? Perhaps I should not have paid him with doubloons.

I must put it out of my mind for the moment. I have a machine to build, and I fear it will not be done in time.”


Here we see the initial struggles of a mantopus and that even his mundane activities are under constant scrutiny. Others are coming in at him and a minor slip up is something he cannot afford. For he has bigger plans.


Everyone can relate to Octodad, because everyone has an inner demon or two, one that makes them constantly aware of their surroundings and how certain movements, certain actions can seem suspicious.

This hyper-awareness finally culminates, eats away until you try and move on your own. But now you face the first challenge. One foot is firmly planted, it cannot change you from what you are, but the other leg waivers in the air, uncertain of all the possibilities destined to alter you from your course, but to also continue your path, whatever it may be, to continue the lie.

Even a mundane task like lifting an object becomes a complex game of selecting, grasping and carrying, for each and every part of your life, over and over again.


Octodad in a lesson in self awareness. It is a step back from our lives in a solemn reflection of what out first steps looked like, what our beginning is seen as from an observational view. It can also be the foundation upon which changes can be made. Taking this framework of our life we can condense it, learn from it, and make something of it.


Octodad is the human experience personified by the only Octo-man in a man’s world, the only difference maker in a sea of sameness.


We are all Octodad.





Or, it’s a quirky concept of a game with a sense of humor about the greatest Octodad in the world.

Young Horses is the developer of Octodad: Dadliest Catch, which can be found on Steam for $12 for a few more days

DePaul Game Experience is the “developer” of the original Octodad student project, and can be downloaded free from their website  (under the sequel)


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