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Poke20: Breaking down the Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer

Geoff February 27, 2016 5

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Time to break down what we know from the Pokemon Sun and Moon Trailer!

Yesterday during a Nintendo Direct, the Pokemon Company revealed their new set of games coming out in 2016!


That’s right! Pokemon Sun and Moon!




While most people (sorry Zygarde) thought Pokemon Z was a shoe-in, Pokemon surprised us all by announcing a new set of games due to be released during the 2016 holiday season!

The 2 minute trailer did not reveal much, in fact most of the trailer was shots of people playing the games and game play footage from the original 6 generations. But during the last 30 seconds of the trailer they showed some new material that was really just developers working on the game.

But now, we are going to break down those second or two long shots showing new material and see what we can find out!


Still not a lot can be see in this photo. The bottom 3 photos show what appears to be what the new Pokemon Center will look like, while the top three seen look like a new PokeMart.  Here is what the outside of a Pokemon center is suppose to look;


Once again, not much can be seen or gathered from this, apart from the fact that, if these are in game photos, it looks like the Pokemon universe is upping it’s 3D graphics once again.


Here we have what looks like the introduction of emergency vehicles in the game. Looking at the bottom yellow truck with lights on it, you can see what looks like a Blastoise on the back, so a potential Firetruck. (Squirtle Squad returns?) The bottom right has the looks the Pokemon universe’s version of an ambulance, while the top looks like just a generic truck. It does look like there are Pokemon in the back, but it’s very difficult to see what they are.





Here we have some sort of building with a Horsea Spring outside. I personally think this is a new gym, specifically a Water Type Gym. First of all, look at the giant Pokeball window in the middle and the two smaller ones on the entrance, this often alludes to some type of official building in the Pokemon region. Also on the building you can see a Spheal, Staryu, and Chinchou; all water types on a building that’s has a Horsea spring out front.

If you look closer at the 2nd picture, you can see what looks like two trainers standing there. Once again, if these are in game photos, then the graphics have been upped big time since X and Y.



A new bird Pokemon? This, to me, doesn’t look like any existing Pokemon. Not much is seen, except the motion data of it and the color.


Now, nothing has been officially announced yet, but this all points to Generation VII. The new Pokemon in the trailer, along with Magearna that was released recently, look to point to a whole new set that will be coming out. The upgraded graphics are also not normally seen until a new generation as well. This would also be a perfect way to celebrate the 20th year anniversary with the release of their newest set of Pokemon and a new Region.

The biggest argument I’ve heard against this is “its too soon!! We just got Gen6!!”

Honestly, it’s right up their ally of time between generations, just look;

Generation 1: 1996

Generation 2: 1999

Generation 3: 2002

Generation 4: 2006

Generation 5: 2010

Generation 6: 2013

Across the past 20 years, each new generation has been 3-4 years apart. And though it may not seem like it, this coming October will mark 3 years since the release of  Pokemon X and Y with Generation 6.

They even allude to this is in the trailer where their show the release of the main series games that launched their respective generations and when they came out!

Once again, nothing has been confirmed, but don’t be surprised if Generation 7 will be coming to you this holiday season!

You can check out the original announcement video here;

Enjoy Pokemon fans, I’ll update you with more information when its available!

-By Geoff

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