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Shovel Night Sad News

Max Linskey December 4, 2013 3

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Better late than never

Sorry Shovel Knight fans, but looks like the wait is going to be a little longer than expected for the games release. This will come as a disappointment to anyone who donated to the Kickstarter for the game and have been patiently waiting since. Yesterday, Yacht Club Games, the developers of Shovel Knight, tweeted that the next month looked like it would be a busy one, and that the game would probably be pushed back until January. They also mentioned they were working tirelessly to complete the game. I’m glad that they are taking their time and making the game all it can be, but if you set a date estimation for everyone to see, sticking to it would be great.

Yacht Club has the power to do this, however, because none of the backers get anything until the game is complete. They could take a much longer time to complete the game, but the company is confident they can finish it soon, and more power too them. It shows they’re not lazy, and they value the support from Kickstarter backers.



One month is a small price to pay for what seems to be an excellent retro mash up of some of the best 8-bit games. Shovel Knight is a throwback and a new concept in one, and is going to now be one of the best games of 2014.

For more info, follow Yacht Club Games on Twitter, or visit their website, http://yachtclubgames.com/

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