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Sifting Through the Crap: The Plight of a Steam Addict

Max Linskey November 10, 2014 4

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The Symbol of Oppression to my Wallet

As the title would suggest, I am a huge Steam addict, and this is my attempt to sway others to use the huge library to find what they want immediately, not dawdle and explore. My admitting my problem is a great step toward solving it (so I’m told), and hopefully you reading this will save you from my same fate.

Steam is a beautiful thing. Please don’t confuse my problem with a dislike of what is being offered. I believe Steam is an excellent way for gamers to get games, communicate with other gamers, and even vote on new games to be added to the library. My problem is in the fact that there are so many offers and deals and games that seem great that I am overwhelmed and compelled to buy them. This is by no means Steam’s fault (those crafty bastards), it is the inability to control my spending.

That, and the fact that there is plenty of absolute garbage on the storefront. I am a person who really can’t judge a game (even after seeing gameplay videos and pictures) until I play it, and this keeps me from buying almost anything unless I absolutely know the game will entertain me. Which has also lead to some less than successful purchases, as my eye for quality is extremely shortsighted.

What I’m trying to say is that branching out is not necessarily a bad thing, just don’t try a million things and let them sit in your queue, never to be played. Steam is great with offering sales, often having huge savings on fairly new games, but please do some goddamned research before you buy everything.

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