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Sounds like a lot of Hoopa!

Rich Clancey October 30, 2015 13

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Greeting Pokémon fans!

With the announcement of Pokémon Go this past September, we are all in a frothy state of anxious anticipation to carry around our favorite characters wherever we go. To catch them is our real test and to train them is our cause. We all want to be a Pokémon master and thankfully, Nintendo knows this dream is alive and well in the hearts of 20-something year olds and kids alike. They continue to announce (or tease at) a stream of news that delights our eager minds and makes our pokedex’s quiver with excitement.

First off, some important news for those who are looking to collect ‘em all in game: Hoopa is being distributed come November 27th, through December 23rd at participating McDonald’s locations.

hoopa  hoopa unbound

McDonald’s will have a lineup of Pokémon Happy Meal toys and Special TCG promo cards to accompany this digital event, so get em soon! (They could be worth a lot in 20 years!)


If you played Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire, you will know that Hoopa is responsible for how you catch many of the old Legendaries that were previously only obtainable through legacy titles or a really ridiculous wonder trade where you got a Shiny Giriatina or something… I’m looking at you Stefan.

"I never get anything good from Wonder Trade"
“I never get anything good from Wonder Trade”

With the release of Hoopa, we may finally get to learn more about the mysterious Pokémon timeline, and it’s possible that some fan theories will get debunked or supported. If you’re like me, you can’t wait to find out!

If you’re not like me and you haven’t played the Delta Episode in ORAS, I suggest you beat the Elite 4 pronto.



Hoopa, as you may know has a special connection between Legendary Pokémon in the series. Hoopa’s mystical Rings serve as portals and these portals summon powerful Legendaries from AL throughout the Pokémon timeline and universe. Sounds like a lot of… Hoopa!

*tosses brick*
Hoopa! Hoopa! Hoopa!

Alongside the release of Hoopa in-game to ORAS and X&Y players, there is a movie, called Hoopa and the Clash of Ages coming out this year.


Here’s a trailer:


This movie is gearing up to be, in my humble opinion, one of the most bad-ass Pokémon movies to date and it features some, if not all Legendaries being summoned in by Hoopa to share a stage of battle within a giant city. My body is ready

In other news, Pokemon Z has pretty much been announced, although not officially. Japanese magazine CoroCoro has published a special on Legendary Pokemon, Zygarde. Zygarde is obtainable currently in Pokemon X and Y but there was not much backstory on his origin or significance. The green Serpent Pokemon was announced to have 5 different forms in an upcoming release, starting from a single cell and reaching its final form of a giant cellular mech looking creature. Absolutely delightful!

Fans of the Anime will be introduced to a new story arch including Zygarde. This should tie-in to the developing story of Zygarde!

zycore  zygardecell  z50  zygarde

In the meantime, we are awaiting an official announcement for Pokemon Z. It’s likely to come out sometime in 2016 and a release date may be announced as early as November 15th. Stay tuned!

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