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The Problem With America

Max Linskey April 1, 2015 4

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America is facing a problem.

In fact, America has been facing this problem since it ratified the Constitution those many years ago. This problem had wrought about during every presidency since George Washington, and it continues to be the bane of productivity on Capitol Hill.

I’m talking, of course, about Congress.


Yes, Congress, one tier of the three part, checks and balances system that intricately holds together America.


Except that it definitely does not. Congress is supposed to be a governing body dedicated to passing laws and is elected intermittently to make sure the entire house isn’t completely red or blue. Problem is, that is exactly what happens every time.

The president right now, Barack Obama, is a Democrat. So in the event of voting in Congress, both to get a last ditch effort in deciding what laws are passed and to gum up the government so nothing worthwhile gets passed, Republicans will take over Congress and nothing will get done as they shoot down every bill.




The last time that Congress and the President of the country were on the same page was back in the early 30’s, when FDR became president and helped the country back onto its feet.



(This is a debatable topic as to whether or not America would have recovered by itself. I believe it would have regardless, but that FDR did a good job maintaining it, and was quite brave for taking on the task.) And when they agreed, things like the Department of Public Works and the Social Security Act came out of it, things that shaped the country into what it is today. Since this time, Congress becomes opposite the President at every turn and decisions are not accomplished.

So why type all this up? Because the Congressional votes matter as much if not more than the Presidential ones. Yes, the president decides too, but a stagnant Congress leads to important bills like a human trafficking bill being swept under the rug while nothing is accomplished. If voters wanted things to get done and not try to find the easiest way to spite the other political party because their candidate didn’t win, maybe something worthwhile would come from the president and citizens would quit complaining.

Americans of any party need to realize that bogging down the system is not tolerable anywhere else, so it definitely should not be the case in the system that decides what American’s do. When a traffic jam clogs the interstate, a team of people quickly cleans the problem. When the engine in a car gets bogged down, it is taken to a professional and cleaned. When a computer is bogged down, immediate actions include a hard reset, defragmenting the hard drive, and loading an entirely new operating system, getting rid of the old one completely. Now, I am not suggesting a complete wipe of every American’s mind like a science fiction novel or anything, but if everyone could take a hard look towards the future after examining the past and present, they will see that cooperation triumphs over spite. A Presidential election decides which members will primarily make up Congress would make sure that both agree. The losing party will just have to regroup and try again next time.

Having balance is what makes everything work in the American government. But until Congress can pull themselves together and solve real issues instead of senselessly bickering, America will continue to have a huge problem functioning.

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