Vidya Games are bad, mmkay?

Max Linskey May 14, 2015 7

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From the wealth of relevant news
From the wealth of relevant news

It would seem a study has come forth saying that video games cause the youth of the world to become violent little bastards. And because top scientists did expert research spanning decades of in-depth critical analysis of what prolonged shooting, slashing, stabbing and fire-setting does on the adolescent psyche and development of their brains, I have no choice but to humbly admit that those white-coat-clad warriors against everything I love are right.


Video games are an easily accessible poison to the minds of the young. Why pay enormous amounts of money on illegal drugs and other paraphernalia when equally expensive consoles and games are both legal and cause the same effects when exposed for long periods of time?



Drugs? Games? BOTH!
Drugs? Games? BOTH!

Deny the body sustenance to do it? Check


Do anything to receive one? Checkaroo


The dedication of these researchers is what really surprised me. To deny the subjects access to anything other than these violent games for the length of time a child is in the adolescent stage of their life might be considered inhumane living conditions for some, but the scientists doing this study decided that science would trump the test subject’s interaction with anything other than the games. It really goes to show how they left no holes in their extremely definitive presentation of the negative effects games have on young minds. They also do a great job of getting results from each gender and range the ages accordingly. Really eye opening stuff.



This sole study will be ending my career in gaming. I will also make it my life’s work to bring about as much of this study as I can, wherever I can, to make sure everyone is aware of the terrible fate awaiting those exposed to violence in video games.



See you on some literature website, or maybe a newspaper I guess. I hear sports are a thing people write about. Maybe I’ll go do that.



Goodbye Forever,

😉 Max

SOURCE: http://www.myfoxboston.com/story/29048428/how-the-game-impacts-the-brain

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