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Niantic reveals more information about Pokemon Go!!

Geoff December 20, 2015 7

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More has been revealed about the new virtual reality Pokemon game set to hit the gaming market in 2016.

While fans across the globe anticipate the release, Niantic has confirmed a few new bits of information for the games, including gyms and Pokemon locations;

GameBeat: How do you plan to handle the distribution of different items and things in the game?

Hanke: Our goal is to make it so you can walk out of the house and within five minutes you find Pokemon. It may not be the most rare Pokemon in the world, but there’ll be a population of Pokemon living near all our players. Gyms will be a bit more rare. you want to find gyms so you can level up your Pokemon and battle there, so it will take more effort to get there. 

Pokemon will live in different parts of the world depending on what type of Pokemon they are. Water Pokemon will live near the water. It may be that certain Pokemon will only exist in certain parts of the world. Very rare Pokemon may exist in very few places. But you can trade.

Many fans have been asking for Pokemon gyms to be a part of Pokemon Go since its announcements, going as far as planning to set up their own gyms in each town.

In regards to the location on Pokemon, if you want all of them, their are other solutions then quitting your job to be a Pokemon Master (Unless you want to, I mean…you do you…)

Hanke: If you live in a place with lots of water Pokemon and you come to an event–we have these Ingress events that are getting bigger and bigger. We’ll have our biggest weekend ever on Saturday.

We’ll have events for Pokemon as well. Those are competitive, but they can also be places to trade stuff with other players. Pokemon trading is going to be huge. You can’t get all of them by yourself. if you want all of them you’ll have to trade with other players. or you have to be someone who takes tie off work and travels the world for a year. There may be people who do that.

Yeah…”may” be people who do that…

With the original Pokemon games being released on February 27th 1996, many believe its possible that Pokemon go will be released February 2016, marking the 20th year anniversary of the original games.


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