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Nintendo Direct Mega Post!

Rich Clancey March 9, 2016 8

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nintendo direct

Friends, lend me your ears (or.. eyes?) and I will give you the lowdown on the high ups, straight from Nintendo themselves. The Nintendo Direct brought a bunch of news and announcements, so find out everything your inner child (and outer adult) wants to know here!

Yesterday, we got a nice bunch of details on what’s coming in 2016 for WiiU and 3DS titles. Below you’ll find each update in the order of reveal during the Nintendo Direct. Enjoy!

First up: Star Fox Zero

star fox zero

Ah, the beloved Star Fox Series. The Nintendo 64 release barrel rolled it’s way into our hearts and has since left an empty spot that even maining Fox in smash bros. could not fill. Well, finally we have some new details to share with all you Arwing-lovers!

The release date: April 2016 for WiiU

Gameplay details:

  • Use the Wii Gamepad screen to fly and target enemies!
  • Utilize complex maneuvers in an authentic action game with a unique control scheme!
  • Transform your Arwing into a land walker!
  • Branching Levels and unlock-able story paths!
  • Play with friends in a unique co-op mode that allows one player to pilot, while the other mans the weapons!
  • Use the Fox Amiibo to re-skin your Arwing with the classic N64 Texture!

Additional Details: A secondary, smaller game called Star Fox Guard will be included in a bundle version of SFZ. In this tower defense-esque game, you defend Grippy Toad’s mining Facility from some robots who want to F S U. Use cameras to spot the intruders and shoot em with lasers! Kinda reminds me of Five nights at Freddys. But with Space Frogs… and just regular old robots.

Pricing: Star Fox Zero can be purchased by itself from the Nintendo eShop for $49.99, while the packaged version comes with the Star Fox Guard game at a suggested retail price of $59.99.

Next Up: Splatoon Updates!
(Put on yo Squid Hat Baby!)


You’re a Kid! You’re a Squid! You’re a…. have we figured it out yet? According to Nintendo, Splatoon is still alive and well, and will be receiving some balancing updates and new weapons combinations.

Update #1 contains gameplay balancing and gear updates and will arrive on March 8th, followed by the weapon additions at a later date.

Coming Straight Outta Rio:
Mario & Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games!

Let’s…. Let’s just leave this one right here. This might be fun for the kids who enjoy both series. New features include: Soccer Beach Volleyball and some kind of gymnastics.

Launches June 24th for the WiiU.

Let’s “build up another level” of excitement for:
Super Mario Maker Updates!

supra mayro mkaer

The update, coming March 9th, will bring in some new items and game play changes:

New Items: (Shake the regular version of these items to transform them!) 

  • Key item
  • Locked Door
  • Pink Coins
  • Spiked Pillars (standalone item)

New Gameplay Features:

The Intense Super Expert Mode has been added to the 100 Mario Challenge and 12 new Mystery mushrooms have been added as well.

We know Tetra from the Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker / Phantom Hourglass will be one of these mystery mushroom costumes, as well as Wolf Link from Twilight Princess!

And Now, Some New Games!

tokyo mirage

Tokyo Mirage Session #FE

  • System Wii U
  • Release Date Jun 24, 2016
  • No. of Players To be determined
  • Category Role-Playing


lost reavers

Lost Reavers

  • System Wii U
  • Release Date Apr 28, 2016
  • No. of Players up to 4 players
  • Category Action, Adventure


“I don’t need more Paper Mario games in my life”
– Said no one ever.

paper mario

Planned for 2016, Paper Mario Color Splash is all about paper and paint! How artistic. return color to the land. Use Mario’s new paint hammer, splashing paint wherever it hits. The game features card based battle game play and will debut on the Wii U sometime this year. Stay Tuned.




I am so excited for this game. We get a nice overview on how the ranking and progression system works in single player. A breakdown was given on fast vs heavy pokemon in fights, as well as some character highlights on Lucario, Machamp and Gengar.


There will be a special Shadow Mewtwo Amiibo card available for “early adopters” (pre-order?)

Release Date: March 18th, 2016 (Wii U)


We left once, but… We have to go back!

zelda TP

The Legend of Zelda, Twilight Princess was an instant classic to me from the moment I picked it up on the Gamecube. Check out this video, a final part of a 4 epsiode retrospective sereis from the developers on how it was reborn in HD on the Wii U! This game is out now! Be sure to pick up the Wolf Link Amiibo for some additional in game functionality. Also, existing Zelda Smash Bros. Amiibos will offer in game functionality for Twilight Pricess HD as well!



For those who are bummed that Club Nintendo got discontinued:


my nintendo

My Nintendo is the replacement for Nintendo’s old player rewards and loyalty program. The new program promises to be more than just a traditional points system, and is said to have more comprehensive and integrated features that will reward players for interacting with Nintendo products and services, in a variety of new ways.


Nintendo is nearly ready to release their first official smart phone app, called Miitomo. more details to come.



Some new age platforming is always welcome!


Azure Striker GUNVOLT 2 is a 2D action/platforming game in the style of the Japanese classics of yesteryear. The great controls, crisp graphics, unique play mechanics, epic boss battles that you remember from the first installment are all here, along with a host of brand new features!

  • System Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date Summer 2016
  • No. of Players 1 player
  • Category Action, Adventure

(Just Kidding, Fire Emblem Fates DLC!)

fire emblem fates revalation

A new path has been revealed! This DLC arrives March 10th on the 3DS.

explore fates

The DLC pack is available via the “Explore Fates” Menu. Revelation can be purchased for $20 USD.

refuse to choose

Revelation’s key feature is that it allows the player to choose to not side with Hosido or Nohr.

Retro Fans Rejoice! SNES Classics come to 3DS Virtual Console!

retro console stuff

New Nintendo 3DS systems will be receiving an update to virtual console (sorry older 3DS owners!)

SNES titles will start to be released with special features, optimized for New 3DS, such as”Perfect Pixel Mode”, which displays each game in it’s original resolution. There are many classic titles coming to the eShop, let’s go over what to expect!

pilotwingssuper mario worldfzero

march 3rd

super mario kartearthbound
dk country

march 24th

link to the past super metroid dk country 2

april 14th

Hack and Slash Madness in Hyrule Warriors Legends!

Get ready for All new content and characters in this 3DS port of Hyrule Warriors for Wii U!

Release Date Mar 25, 2016

  • Contains content from the original Hyrule Warriors™ game, released on the Wii U console
  • New characters and story elements based on The Legend of Zelda™: The Wind Waker
  • New character-switching feature lets you change and command characters on the fly
  • Play as fan-favorite characters like Tetra and the King Daphnes for the first time in the series!

The Bravest Little Sequel!

bravely second

  • System Nintendo 3DS
  • Release Date Apr 15, 2016
  • No. of Players 1 player
  • Category Role-Playing

Monster Hunter “Crosses” over to the West in Monster Hunter Generations!

Previously known as “Monster Hunter Cross” in Japan, the extremely popular action RPG installment gets a release date for the US!

mh generations

There is so much to love about this game and this one surely does not look as if it will disappoint!

Release Date: Summer 2016


  • Co-op online multiplayer – For some of the best online multiplayer the Nintendo 3DS has to offer, join up and hunt online with up to three other hunters, or meet-up and play together via local play.
  • Most customizable yet – Players can create the most custom, personalized playstyle of any Monster Hunter game. Choose from four Styles and many powerful, visually striking Hunter Arts for a truly customized gameplay experience.
  • “Style” system – New to this installment, players can choose from four distinct combat Styles, offering new ways to utilize each of the 14 weapon types.
  • Striking “Hunter Arts” – Combat looks even more impressive with the addition of these devastating attacks, indispensable field skills and power-ups.
  • 14 weapon types – Experiment with and master 14 different weapon types and craft tons of unique equipment. Players are never cemented into any combat choices such as weapons or style and are encouraged to experiment with and find builds that best fit their desired hunting preferences.
  • Gear crafting – Fell massive beasts to obtain resources for crafting countless weapons and armor fashioned after the game’s colossal creatures. Study the enemy’s habits and tactics to discover weak points or parts that can be broken for bonus rewards.
  • Fresh challenges and returning favorites – Face a roster of brand new monsters like Glavenus of the Fated Four in addition to plenty of returning fan-favorites like the sly Nargacuga as a tribute to the last decade of Monster Hunter.
  • The Fated Four – Brand new monsters posing major threats to the local villagers of areas like the snowy mountain town of Pokke Village.
  • Deviant Monsters – Powerful enemies like the Deadqueen Rathian and Grimclaw Tigrex have survived previous hunter encounters and have taken on new traits and abilities. These are sure to provide a challenge for even the most seasoned hunter.
  • Villages and environments – Explore four different villages, each with their own look and feel along the quest to defeat the Fated Four, and 21 different hunting locations which are a blend of both new and enhanced fan-favorites—including some never before seen in the west!
  • New playable Felyne “Prowlers” – Previously only available as custom support AI partners called “Palicoes,” Felynes are now playable in “Prowler” mode with their own questlines and rewards, unique gameplay mechanics and gear.
  • Collaboration content – Equip hunters and Palicoes with special themed collaboration costumes and weapons based on popular series such as Fire Emblem and Mega Man.
  • StreetPass features – Collect tickets via StreetPass to access special Deviant monster quests. Players can also send and receive customizable guild cards.
  • MH4U save data bonus – Those with Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate save data will receive a bonus item pack that includes an exclusive Palico armor set, potions, in-game money, and more to help dive right in to the hunt.
  • Nintendo 3DS touch screen features – Provides easy access to in-game information, weapons, field maps and mini games, as well as the useful target lock option that auto-focuses on a main enemy.
  • New Nintendo 3DS system support – Experience enhanced graphics, C-stick functionality and mappable ZL and ZR buttons for Hunter Arts.

Check out Metroid Prime Federation Force!

metroid prime FF

This game may not have Samus in it, but the creators want the players to know that there are fun multiplayer aspects to this game. We know the game will support the New 3DS Circle pad pro for camera movements, that there is a class based tank/dps/healer dynamic to the gameplay and that solo play is available as well as multiplayer action via internet and local play as well. Metroid Prime: Federation Force is releasing in late-spring 2016 for Nintendo 3DS.

And Finally,Kirby Planet Robobot!



I love a good Kirby game. this one is going to have amiibo support and looks really fun and fresh.

Kirby Planet Robobot launches for Nintendo 3DS on June 10th, 2016


Man, what a journey. Here’s some honorable mentions from the direct that I didn’t highlight.


Thanks for reading!

Rich Clancey



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