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A Farewell to the King of Cubes

Max Linskey September 15, 2014 12

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Building Behemoth

As everyone has probably heard, Mojang has been purchased by Microsoft for $2.5 billion, and that company founder Markus Person AKA Notch has bid farewell to the company. While a many gamer has voiced their opinion about the negative impact this could or does have, I turn your attention to my thoughts on the matter.

Dear Notch,

I have been a supporter of your creative approach to gaming since I first beta tested Minecraft 5 years ago. It’s crazy how time has flown, and your building RPG surfaced on almost every platform it could, and spawned countless copycats (mimicry is flattery, after all). Your Minecraft indie became one of the bestselling games (if not THE bestselling game) of all time. And as it grew, the game created a loyal following, builders and explorers eager to play together.

Now, we hear you have left Mojang, and that the small-time indie company was sold to Microsoft. This is discouraging and deplorable to some, claiming a sell-out status to the company, and deeming you a traitor to independent gaming. They wanted you to continue with small and innovative projects as only Mojang could. They wanted safety and security. But they’re wrong.

I understand what companies are made for. I am completely fine with Mojang under Microsoft’s wing (with a few conditions). Mojang, like any indie company, is only independent because it is looking for a way to be part of something bigger. Mojang has now gained the monetary and structural support necessary to make it thrive, and it will (if Microsoft is smart and leaves it creatively to its own devices). The company will still be creating on the platform it began on, plus it will have access to creating a game from scratch on a console.

This just leaves you, Notch. I know you left because corporate is not a road you want to travel, and independent is where you thrive. I just hope you find another talented group and continue to revolutionize the gaming industry. Gaming is an art form, though very different from any other, and the creations you bring to the table have a profound effect on what art is, what the meaning and function of a videogame is, and how their intersection doesn’t necessarily reflect the norm (high quality graphics and life-altering story).

Notch, Adjö och lycka till,


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