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Alien: Isolation

Max Linskey January 8, 2014 2

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alien isolationAfter the horror show of Alien: Colonial Marines from Gearbox last year met with an onslaught of negative reviews, Sega has returned to the drawing board, and with the help of Creative Assembly, has come up with something that hearkens back to the original horror-thriller the series is all about in Alien: Isolation.

Isolation puts the player on a stranded trading station in space, being attacked by a Xenomorph, and has them control a person with nothing more than their clothes, making them scramble for resources and a way to defend themselves as their hunter lurks in the shadows, potentially striking at any time.

He’s right behind me, isn’t he

“I guess it all started because no one had made the game we all wanted to play” said the Creative Lead of this new game, Alistair Hope. This is definitely a turn from the Colonial Marines game, focusing more on being a human surviving in extreme conditions instead of a trained marine. “It’s a game, not based on action, but on horror and survival

The trailer for the game captures everything. A lone survivor (you) pitted against the Xenomorph with little but a tracker and your wits. You can see the alien’s shadow dart from windows, and the aftermath of it’s assaults on fellow crew members (seen from the bloodstains and bodies). The final scene is face to face with the creature, and it seems like, well, that you’re screwed.

Alien: Isolation - trailer video
No, I don’t have a moment to spare for Jesus Christ

The game seems like it plays in a similar fashion to the first Dead Space game, but only time will tell how exactly one will fend off the Xenomorph’s impossible advantage on the stranded trade station. Alien: Isolation will be released on Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC late this year, and it definitely is worth checking out.


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