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Beautiful Indie Game Starbound Enters Beta

Brendan Lees December 4, 2013 8

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As of today, we're all bound for the stars!
As of today, we’re all bound for the stars!

This massive sandbox game by indie company Chucklefish, that highly resembles Terraria at first glance, has entered it’s long awaited Beta phase. This beautiful little game has been creeping out of the dark for some time now and already amassed a huge following. (Note: take the word “little” very lightly)


The idea of Starbound is that you’re a member of one of the currently 7 races in this galaxy and youre looking for a new world to settle down on. That’s where the random world generator comes in. Sounds similar to other games already but the big thing that’s caught my attention is that unlike Terraria or Minecraft where the items, weapons, armor, etc. you make are all preset and you need only find the materials, the world within Starbound has random weapon genertaion on drops. Similar to Borderlands for instance. There’s different rarities and whatnot too. There’s still a crafting system as well though so don’t fret.

Starbound house

You can create a lovely home if you wish, or you can deck out your personal spaceship for the long voyages away from your newly found planet. Because multiplayer is something included in Starbound, your spaceship acts as a home but also as somewhat of a hub to get from world to world, visiting your friends and whatever crazy worlds and creatures they’ve discovered.


And that’s the other thing I want to cover, the mobs. Enemies and non-hostile creatures alike are also.. you guessed it, randomly generated. So we’re bound to come across some really interesting looking monsters. Or some scary ones, who knows?


If you havn’t checked out Starbound yet, I suggest you do so here.

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