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Blizzard’s New Baby, Overwatch

Max Linskey November 10, 2014 4

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So you’ve probably heard at least something about Overwatch after BlizzCon this past weekend…

What? You didn’t? Well here’s a handy intro to the game:


More you say? Here’s an intro to all of the characters in some orchestrated gameplay footage:



Blizzard’s first brand-spankin’ new IP in 17 years is proof that the company hasn’t funneled all resources into World of Warcraft. As a brightly colored, fun and gun (pat. pending), 6v6 multiplayer, class-based shooter, Overwatch is Blizzards way of saying, “Hey, remember MOBA’s? This is way better man.”

The beauty is in the simplicity. It has your four basic classes, Offense, Defense, Tank, and Support, but the gameplay ┬áis first person shooter rather than top down, and seems streamlined to be playable by all. No mashing through numbers to equip a weapon; each character’s abilities are a short list of easily executable commands.

And that’s what makes this game so frickin’ awesome. The Characters. Think TF2 with a brighter, almost anime feel, then let the designers go hog-wild on concepts and back stories. I’m not going to go into excruciating detail of each character (*cough* every other gaming news site *cough*) but will instead invite you to visit the Overwatch website, as they have a little intro of each character and showcase their abilities (which is just too many links for my sanity).

Here are links to each individual character. You have to watch the videos yourself.


But each one is a unique person, some of which are very interesting and beg to be played in order to fully test their mettle. Which is awesome for all because THERE’S A BETA SIGN-UP ON THE SITE TOO! SO HURRY UP!

Want some pretty art for each character or a wallpaper? THEY HAVE THAT TOO!

The beta is slated for 2015, so the the fans are going to have to keep their excitement in their pants until more fun can be had. Be sure to check back with us for some beta coverage in 2015!


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