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Christmas Comes Early: Overwatch Winter Wonderland

Max Linskey December 13, 2017 11

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Yes, it’s finally here. Why spend time with loved ones when you can instead spend those countless hours playing Overwatch?!
Blizzard released their 2017 Winter Wonderland update yesterday, and it is definitely plenty to keep you busy.

We’ll start first with the new game mode, Yeti Hunter . While similar to last year’s snowball-chucking fun in Mei’s Snowball Offensive (which is still playable as well), this edition is entirely new in concept. Take five Mei’s and pit them against the Yeti-themed Winston, and you’ll get an Evolve-like mashup that is a nice break from traditional gameplay. Both of these modes will be playable until January 1st, so be sure to check them out!

Next, and of course the most fun when we’re talking about rewards, is the bevvy of new winter-themed loot, including new skins for Ana, Bastion, Hanzo, Junkrat, Roadhog, Sombra, and Soldier 76.

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There are also plenty of emotes and other goodies, but too many to list here. Play the event and find them in loot boxes!

Another addition, unrelated to winter (unless you deserve some coal), is the newly updated reporting system.  Blizzard is ready to crackdown on all you naughties, and will be warning you on screen when it happens. Making that list is and checking it twice is the hard part, banning you for misconduct, cheating, or being a chestnut-roaster is easy.

Actual photo of Blizzard bringing down the hammer

Finally, some much needed tweaks and buffs have been added into Overwatch, for characters like Ana and Doomfist, but also subtle quality of life changes. But if you want to get the in-depth details, head over to the Blizz-blog (trademark pending) to see the full patch notes.

For videos of skins, emotes, Yeti Hunter, and more, visit the Blizzard site and browse to your heart’s content.

What’s your favorite new skin? Do they hold a candle to last year’s? Do you think you’re ready for this Yeti? Leave a comment and voice your opinion!

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