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MapleStory 2 Announced!

Brendan Lees November 8, 2013 11

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The popular 2D MMO goes 3D!
The popular 2D MMO goes 3D!

Whether you’ve played Nexon’s MapleStory or not, you must have heard of it at least, right? Well either way, the second game in the series is in development after the first’s great 10 year run. I played a little MapleStory when I was younger. It’s a cutesy side-scrolling action/rpg type game with easy to learn and fun gameplay mechanics. Despite it’s mostly adorable art style, it’s a fun game for most ages.

MapleStory 2 brings the world into 3D and takes place some time before the first game. Not much is known about this sequel just yet but there will be new monsters, as well as old foes, updated gameplay with new mechanics, and plenty of new areas to explore in full 3D, adding it’s own new style to the world while still feeling familiar to those who know it well.

Nexon has said there will be a Beta sometime in 2014. We’ll have more info on that as it comes out.


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