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Playstation Now

Max Linskey January 7, 2014 4

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The CES (Consumer Electronics Expo) is underway, and among the announcements and press conferences, Sony has unveiled something that could be even bigger than the PS4 release, and that is Playstation Now.

Playstation Now is a game streaming service formed from the company Sony purchased in 2012, Gaikai. This is a cloud based game streaming service that allows a person access to games not only on the consoles PS3 and PS4, and mobile PS Vita, but also on Sony televisions, as well as tablets and smartphones.

With many other companies releasing new consoles (Valve and the 13 Steam Machines) or new processors (Nvidia and their K1), none of the others have released something as far reaching as this new service Sony has unveiled. With this new piece, Sony has a huge advantage over any other gaming company as the first to create a system that can stream games over multiple different systems. At the CES, Sony demonstrated their Playstation Now service by playing The Last of Us on multiple systems.

With Playstation Now, the question of whether the company will charge by game or per month is shadowed by the fact that you can play a Playstation 3 game wherever the hell you want. There’s only a handful of months before the service is up an running (release date mid-late summer), and one can only wonder what future plans Sony has in store.


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