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Destiny 2 Log

Max Linskey September 7, 2017 10

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So, on top of playing Overwatch weekly for this blog, I will also be updating on Destiny 2!

Destiny 2 released just yesterday, Wed. September 6, and I was able to play it for a while.  So read on for my opinions!

Destiny 2 is Bungie’s apology letter to players. It’s a construction team rebuilding the bridge to their reputation. And wow, did it do a great job of that.

Gameplay is tight, just like the first. Gunplay and shooting enemies feels rewarding and intuitive, with the added bonus of a switch-up in the way your equipped weapons works (but we’ll get to that later).  The enemies respond to you, stepping back for cover if they’re overwhelmed, or rushing you as you reload.  It makes them feel more real, more dynamic than a typical AI for enemies.

The areas to explore seem much larger as well, more fun to explore, with varying enemy difficulty as you delve further.

The game actually has a story now too, which is a nice addition to the essentially non-existent one from Destiny (you can take your Grimoire cards and insert them as you please into yourself)
Granted, it’s nothing groundbreaking or next-level when it comes to story (which I will not spoil…yet).  But it does make you feel for the characters that were introduces in the first installment, giving actual characteristics, problems faced, and depth to previously two-dimensional filler people from before.  And I think, for a sequel, it is definitely better on that front.

The inventory system is relatively similar, which was expected, although disappointing. It definitely needed improving, and is slightly different, but not enough to be significant. (Change coming more cosmetically than anything)

The enemy types are the same, with a few new units for each faction, but everything dies from a headshot, so what does it matter what they look like? Spear Fallen stab at you, Cabal Warbeasts claw at you, and that’s just to name a few. they are smarter in how they fight, but are still quite easy to dispatch.

And dispatching them has become a bit different as well.  This time around, weapons come in three varieties; kinetic (base damage, top left of inventory), energy (elemental damage, but same weapon type as kinetic), and power (third tier, snipers, swords, etc.).  You’ll notice now that you can have kinetic and energy weapons of the same type (Scout rifle, Auto Rifle, Hand cannon, etc.). So you could have two Hand Cannons (as I do), one using energy ammunition and shooting lightning balls, the other doing kinetic damage with straight bullets.  It adds to the variety, as does a few new weapon types, like a grenade launcher, full auto sidearm, and other fun things.

Speaking of fun, you can get into it faster now that being “in orbit” is dead. Thank the respective gods, because orbit was the worst.  You can quick jump to whatever you want, from the safety of The Farm (the new social area), or right in the thick of battle.  This a welcome change, definitely something that should have been done since the first one.

There is a new subclass for each class now. Titans get the Sentinel, with a small shield to block and throw, Hunters can become the Arcstrider, basically Bladedancer with a staff, and Warlocks assume the Dawnblade, a fiery sword throwing monster. You can find out more about them through playing, as I’m not writing a playthrough here.

Check the Description for Artist details

But in essence, it’s still a Destiny game.  It plays the same, it feels the same, and, in all honesty, is the game Bungie meant to put out in the first place.  Does it have problems? You bet. I encountered a few funny moments I’ll hopefully be able to post later.  Is it difficult? Not particularly (at the beginning up until getting to level 15, I haven’t met a difficult challenge.) But do I really care? Nope.

One little change that is a big misstep, however, comes with shaders.  If you thought you would be visiting Eva Levante, you will be sorely mistaken.  Shaders are now one-time-use, randomly acquired items.  Oh, and they also have to be equipped individually to each armor piece (helm, body, arms, legs), meaning color uniformity is impossible if you’re constantly upgrading gear.  Microtransactions replace old Eva, a seemingly small tidbit that is a huge turnoff, especially to anyone who recalls Bungie saying they wouldn’t implement them back in Destiny.  Will it be addressed? Only time will tell, but one might assume, since Bungie knows how to listen to their fans, and that there is a huge reddit movement to boycott the shader purchase until it is fixed, it shouldn’t be too long.

I will play Destiny 2 for the sole reason that I thoroughly enjoyed the first iteration, and want to go back to the shoes of a Guardian. And I eagerly await the times I meet a challenge and try the same point multiple times.

Thanks for listening to my rant, and stay tuned for more Destiny 2 related info and gameplay updates!



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