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Battlefield 4 Beta: A Glimpse of What’s to Come

Max Linskey October 9, 2013 9

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Author: Max Linskey

A whole bunch of shooting is about to go down

Battlefield 4 comes out at the end of this month, but that doesn’t mean gamers have to wait. Across all platforms starting earlier this week, the Battlefield 4 Beta was released, and it already has dedicated players on every server ready to do battle. For a beta, the options are few and the scenery and details take time to load, but the core game play makes its way through well enough to give a glimpse at what’s to come.


Having never played a Battlefield game, it was an interesting game play experience. The game is a very active tactical shooter with many options thrown at the player at once. Each match starts with a group as a squad. Choosing to stay with them is ideal, and players can team up in this way to take out the enemy. Each match has three tactical points that both teams fight for. Control of them drains the other teams’ “tickets”, as well as shooting the opponents, and the team to keep more of their 500 “tickets” wins the match.


One part that separates Battlefield 4, and Battlefield as a series in general, from other online shooters in the vehicles. Tanks, helicopters, jeeps, and armored trucks are at each team’s disposal. The tank destroys everything in it’s path, unless found by an Engineer with an RPG. The helicopter is great for air attacks and avoiding damage, unless an anti aircraft gun appears on the map. The ever changing tides of battle make each match different.

Destruction is imminent


The other big piece of the experience is destructible environments. Not only are small things like weak walls or flimsy barricades easy to destroy, with the right weapon or vehicle (tank), entire walls and even whole buildings can be brought down. When in the game, the Bravo checkpoint (marked “B”) is on top of an enormous skyscraper. This would allude to safety from the ground troops, but instead, this is a huge hazard. Without warning, the entire building can collapse, killing any player withing range and reducing the site to a pile of rubble, which becomes the new Bravo checkpoint.


Just back away slowly…

With all this fun, it’s unfortunate that there’s not much more to do. It is a beta of the game, after all, so players shouldn’t expect a whole lot of intricacy. Until the game releases at the end of October, this little taste will have to sate the appetites of the Battlefield 4-hungry gamers.

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